What does the book of Job teach about the nature of God?

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      The book of Job teaches us many things about the nature of God.

      Firstly, God is sovereign. As the creator of the world, He has the authority in and over all creations. God had authority on Job’s life as well. God had the full right to spare or even destroy Job as He had wanted. Moreover, chapters 1 and 2 show that God had authority over the devil as well. It is remarkable that the devil had to ask for permission to inflict sufferings on Job (1:12, 2:6).

      Secondly, God is the God of revelation and the giver of true wisdom. In Chapter 38, God spoke to Job in a storm and revealed His greatness. When Job saw God with his own eyes, he realized his sinful nature and repented in ashes. Job also understood that only God could give him true wisdom and understanding.

      We can also learn that God is just. After Job had gone through those terrible sufferings and repented of sinful nature, God brought even more blessings upon Job’s life. He was given double the amount of what I had originally owned.

      As the creator God, He has given “free will” to human beings as well as angels. Through the book of Job, we can read an example of God allowing his creations to exercise their free will – either for good or bad. The devil misused his free will and direct-access to God and caused Job to suffer. Where as Job had made the right decisions in life – even though he still had the problem of “original sin.” God compensated the suffering caused by the devil and rewarded Job even more.

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