What does the book of Job teach about wisdom?

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      All wisdom is found in God. We cannot question his reason or his ways because he alone has wisdom and authority.

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      The book of Job touches on the most important aspect of wisdom. It teaches us that true wisdom and understanding are found in God and knowing Him alone. Human reasoning is limited so we ought to humble ourselves before God. Through the long cycles of discussions, readers are presented with the question of what true wisdom is. The story also offers the readers a chance to realize God alone is righteous and that He knows the true reasons behind suffering in the world.

      The book of Job employs an interesting approach to problem solving. Right at the beginning of the narrative, readers are provided with the cause of Job’s suffering – which God only knew the reason. The plot is somewhat similar to Detective Colombo’s stories in which the audience know who the murderer is – right from the beginning. Similarly, the book of Job allows the readers to objectively analyze Job and his friends’ discussions in light of the fact that those were the devil’s tests. Through the long cycles of discussions, readers can understand that human views on wisdom and sufferings are limited and flawed – no matter how intellectual they may sound. Even Job’s defense leads the readers to understand that human beings are imperfect no matter how much effort is made. We, human beings, all have the problem of “original sin.” We all need to be forgiven by God.

      When God revealed Himself to Job, Job finally understood everything. Job came to know God personally. He understood that he was still a sinful man – in spite of his efforts – and he humbled himself before God. It was such a saving experience for Job, and the readers can learn that true wisdom and understanding are found in God and knowing Him alone.

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