What examples of leaders who came before you have you followed? Describe the example(s) they set and specific ways you strive to follow them. How has this helped you in your leadership role(s)?

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      I have followed the example of empathy. My current boss is one of the most empathetic people I have ever met. When situations come up in my life, she is always willing to listen and provide me with the felxibily needed to navigate the situation. For example, when I was pregnant with my second child, I was very nervous to tell my workplace. I had another child 18 months prior, and I thought that my boss would be angry that I would more time off for a second maturnity leave. After telling about my second pregnancy, she offered nothing but support. She told me that my priorities need to be with my family and not my workplace. This was very encouraging and made me want to be a better employee for her. I hope to be a leader like my boss because by her encouraging me to make a better homelift for my familly, she coincidingly made me a better “team member” at work.

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      Sadly, I cannot think of any leaders, mentors, guides, influencers, etc. in my life that I have followed. I can begin today. My adopted grandmother was a prayer warrior and giver. I can also be a prayer warrior and giver myself. I can also follow certain leaders such as Pastor Armen and John Ramirez as well as leaders in the church I attend such as Pastor Rutherford and Life Group leaders.

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      My leaders were my parents. They were pastors and evangelists my whole life. The mentors and teachers I have been blessed with over the years and in various churches, cities, and countries, have remained vital instruments in my walk with Christ. Transparency is the number one thing I have seen modeled. It is hearing their ongoing testimonies of what the Lord is doing for them, in them, and through them. This inspires my own growth in the Word and encourages my faith. Ephesians 3:20-21

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      There are several leaders and not who have helped in our leadership role. My mother, a hardworking and illiterate mother, has set an excellent example for me. Her eagerness to learn new skills, hardworking traits, and good foresight are examples that I could emulate.
      Several church leaders who have humbly and persistently served the church for an extended period are good examples for me to follow too.

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