What feelings arise in you as you read questions like “How many…people feel deeply known?…have been richly explored?…know the experience of having their souls touched?”

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      My first feeling is one of sadness that many people haven’t experienced being known. Then I move to a level of hope, knowing there are so many who need to be drawn to a closer relationship with God. Who need to understand His love, grace and compassion. At this point, I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and be available for the Holy Spirit to work through me. My challenge is being obedient and pushing the fear aside. Simply put, trusting God!

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      I am not surprised. Though we long to be known and want to be accepted without being judged by others. When we do not feel safe, or have trust in people, we will keep others at a distance and only maintain shallow kind of relationships. We may even put up a bold face and never admit any weaknesses to others. This is so against how we are being made to be known and live together as a body of Christ.

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      In some ways, sadness, because I know that there are many people who have not been known or explored or touched. Very rarely have I experienced this in my own life. I have begun to learn to do this, and I see how people are so touched by it. We can be around people constantly, but feel utterly alone. Lost in the shuffle, unseen, unknown. Ultimately, being known by a person through SoulCare connection can make us feel like we are known by our Lord as well, because He is present in that relationship and interaction.

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      I feel a sad awareness that the answer is “far too few”. I feel that too many of us want to hide what’s really going on with us because it is not safe to reveal it. Others will judge and think less of me so I stay hidden and miserable. I feel compassion for them and a desire to be safe enough for them to reveal themselves.

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      I accept the fact that most people will go through life never being known or richly explored. Most of us are lonely and long to be understood. For the minority, having one or two close friends (this could include a spouse but not always) to share their thoughts and feelings with is a real blessing. I have one such friend for almost 60 years and we have talked about and shared everything in our lives with each other.

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      I do not really know and I do not know if I want to. I would think that not a very high percentage have experienced this. If I look at church and families who are together, it can make me feel like I missed something. I also know that they are not all as together as it appears, there are some very healthy families who do not really need outside relationships like I have needed. And God has provided what I need through His family. Although currently, I am grieving some of those who went to heaven and seeking out who God wants me to connect with. Looking at the jail staff and inmates or others who have ministry needs makes me feel overwhelmed and I just have to put them in God’s hands and trust that he does not expect me to meet all of their needs. It is enough that I have now experienced it and have been able to help some others experience it to some extent.

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      There is an innate longing to be known and explored.. it’s in our DNA, and we are created as relational beings. But the failings in this world has paralysed our souls by primal wound of our hearts, hence we live lives in guise to self-preserve from further pain and exploration.
      The message to convey is to give each other permission to fail, and by the grace of God through the provision of the New Covenant, we are able to live as authentic people just as Christ did. His inner being is not destroyed by any form of humiliation, suffering or death.

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      The feelings that arise are deep curiosity and wonder. I wonder how many people have ever been in a relationship where another person appropriately and authentically really cared about knowing them, for no other reason but to assist in their journey with God. I almost felt sad, because I think most people die unknown intimately.

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