What has been your past experience in local church attendance? Explain the positive and the negative.

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      I’ve always been a part of some sort of corporate body of the church. I’ve experienced or witnessed MANY of the both positive and negatives that come with that, from a human side. I think that as a whole, many times we approach church attendance more of a social setting than of an actual worship setting, however.

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      Scot Small

      Have always gone. Had to leave the Episcopal when they started rewriting scripture to fit culture changes 15 years ago or so. Overall a positive experience now.

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      Raina Lanier

      I enjoy the fellowship of other believers and getting to watch other people worship God, but sometimes being so involved becomes like a job.

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      Community, fellowship, teaching, serving.

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      In one church I attended for many years, the attendance continued to drop when the pastor retired. The leadership of the church was not strong enough to hold it together. The focus became about money. In another church, the one I attend now, the focus is on the people, serving the Lord, and making disciples. The church attendance continues to grow and is a very positive atmosphere.

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      My past experience has been serving as a Sunday School Teacher and Superintendent, Head Usher, and discipleship class member. The positive is that our church family led us out of some very dark periods due to some things that happened in our professional lives but also led us back to Christ and into some really awesome professional opportunities, in which I was called to utilize my pastoral and apostolic gifts that God helped me to discover and define in my role with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I now have friends that I love and love me back, iron sharpening iron. The negatives is when politics blend into religion and creates division within the church because of opinions rather than spiritual beliefs.

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      in church I am able to meet people whose genuine faith is an inspirations. They are all out in serving, giving of themselves and showing mercy.
      The negative is not all are given an opportunity to serve. There is hesistancy and fear for those who are older and established members to get replaced. It is always them in all areas of service until they are all burned out.

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      My best experiences are when I visit a local church and they are warm and welcoming. They make a point of greeting you, talking with you, asking you if you have a “home” church and if not to invite you to make that church your “home” church.
      My most negative experience in local church attendance was when I attended a church for a short period of time and the people were cold and acted like they didn’t care if you were there or not. A few people felt like they had the right to “run” the church as they saw fit because their family had been of that church for generations and had no qualms about overruling anything they didn’t agree with even if it would be beneficial to the church.

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      My best experiences have been in churches that emphasize personal experience, personal devotion and Bible meditation, and small groups–but also see a vital need for the whole church to assemble, worship, and celebrate. My worse experiences have been in churches that are interested in preserving denominational–or non-denominational–status and are consciously promoting an agenda and a marketable image.

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      I have attended the same church for over 20 years and I worked there for 12. Consistent church attendance was really good for my family and our church became family as well. The negatives were occasionally feeling like we “had” to be there because of my job and it was very difficult sometimes to ever not go. I do not believe that this aspect is healthy and there are times when all families need a morning at home

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      Initially if you just attend church everything will go negatively if we are just passive attenders. But when we are active, we minister and fellowship with each other then church becomes exciting. Connecting with believers is a wonderful adventure.

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      The positive has been fellowship and community with other believers, encouraging each other to grow. The negative has been that too often we just check off the church box and it has our time to “fill up” for the week and it becomes our only time of growth and learning.

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      I’ve been a part of a local church my whole life. I have realized over the years that these are the people that will be part of the good and bad in my life. I learn with them and serve with them. It is not always easy because we are made up of sinners but it is important to staying connected to God and grow in my spiritual walk.

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      I’ve been faithfully plugged into the same church since I got saved, because that is where the LORD planted me. The strong community and fellowship has been a massive part of my growth in Christ, and I am so grateful for those who’ve discipled me.

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      I have been in a few different churches. Sometimes I would get a sense I am just going to check the box, rather than going to be filled with knowledge and the Holy Spirit.

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      My past experience with a local church has been great. The positive side of it is because we have people to lean back onto to help with emotional situations and to be there together.

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      My local church has been incredibly important in my walk with the Lord, and in my own spiritual development. The people and the teaching have been really important, as has the ability to serve the church and those in my community.

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      I’ve been pretty consistent in attending a local church and getting plugged in to serve. Consistency in a local church helps to fill my own heart and soul so that ministry can come from an overflowing heart rather than an empty heart. However, I find myself at times doing too much and not having a ton of space to be invested in to through the local church.

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      I used to be influences by the consumeristic mindset behind church instead of being focused on serving faithfully the whole body of Christ under the headship of Christ for the upbuilding of the body and for the purpose of being a beacon to the world.

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      I have been to several different kind of churches. I was raised Catholic and received Christ their after my Priest got saved and led many to the Lord, including my Mom. My Mom then led us to Jesus. I was then in a Reformed Episcopal church, where I married my beloved husband who was raised Baptist. I’ve attended Presbyterian, Methodist, Nazarene, but where I feel most at ease are in Non-denominational Churches, because of the immense diversity there. My Dad entered the Cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was 9 years old and so I was raised in a divided home where much controversy took place. But through much prayer and my Mom’s faithful love, Christ led my Dad to Himself after 22 years as a JW.

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      Church teaches me good and bad perspectives and encourages to test it through reading the bible

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      In the past, I’ve been involved in local churches were participation is asked for but there isn’t much of a sense of community and fellowshipping with other believers and caring for each others needs.

      However, I now experience the beauty of local church attendance and how joyful it can be to serve and get to know, intimately, those a part of the body of Christ. I now know how beautiful God’s design of the local church is!

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      The local church allowed God to place godly mentors around me who taught me how to study His Word and recognize His voice. The local church allowed me to discover my spiritual gifts and to learn how to walk in them as I served the body of Christ and used them to share the Gospel with those who crossed my path. The negative of past church experience is the declaring that I was accountable to the church, but the church did not share that same accountability to me. This should not be the case. It should go both ways.

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      Katie Harrell

      When I was younger church was something I had to do and it was something to check off the list. As I’ve gotten older, it has become more of something I want to do and to be a part of. I can’t just attend, I have to be a part of it as well by serving.

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      being a part of a church is the most important decision and ongoing commitment in my walk with Christ. It has been a place of grieving, celebrating, and everything in between.

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      I did not grow up in the church but have been a regular attender in adulthood when I do not have ministry obligations of my own.

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      When I attend and get involved in a local church I find a deeper sense of purpose

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      attendance could be better, i guess i really didn’t take into account the importance of meeting with others to glorify God.

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      Some churches have been ‘legalistic’ focusing on do’s & don’ts and being separate from the world to an extreme. Some had good teaching & fellowship
      yet most functions were headed by committee. Several relied on topical preaching, ‘jumping all around the scripture’. After a topical message I usually
      was left feeling ‘ok, what now?’ The last few years I’ve been a part of a Calvary Chapel Church. The verse by verse teaching has given me a renewed passion
      for the Bible.

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      A lot of both! I will keep it short.

      Positive: A Godly community that does life together. I have built some great friendships in the church and shared some of the worst moments of my life with the help of my church community.

      Negative: My father became a pastor when I was 13 in a small town church. I have seen the pains of church politics, doctrinal divisions, and lack of care for the community. As I have grown in my faith and ministry experience, I have seen beautiful expressions of churches coming together (despite differences and minor doctrinal differences) to reach the community and be THE CHURCH. The key is to remain humble. A lot of times we blame “the church” for hurting us when it may have been only a few people within the church.

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      My experience has been very positive but I know a few people who have had very negative experiences in church.

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      Generally positive, the fellowship, group studies, encouragement, teaching. Negative have been cliques, backbiting and negative spirits

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      Jordan Lozzi

      Its been great I love my church it’s healthy and biblical

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      Jordan Lozzi

      Its been great I love my church it’s healthy and biblical

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      There has been ups and downs. Partly because we have not had a right understanding of the point at times. We are in the best church we have ever been in right now. Ive learned so much about the importance of relationships there.

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      There are times that I was not regularly in attendance in the church and I experience drought in my spiritual walk with God.
      Unlike when I fellowship with the “church”, it give me the sense of purpose to utilize my God-given ability in serving others.

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      I love church. The more I serve, the more connected I am. I need to start serving more again to get connected at our new church.

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      My experience has been amazing they have a great understanding of where everyone is at in there faith and how to come across to new Christians or those interested in the faith. The only small thing that could be negative is sometimes as a congregation I feel that they can focus to much on someone else faith when they could be unsteady in there own.

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      I have been in some amazing churches and some absolutely dead churches where God was not allowed to lead. I have been attending church sporadically for the past 2 decades. Recently thru a job change I have been able to attend weekly consistently. The positive is the fellowship with other believers and the support I receive from them. Also I am able to help wherever I am needed. The negative would have to be the churches where God was not allowed to be. Churches that looked at the building as the church and not themselves. Churches that did not want to support their community and lean on the community to help support them thru outreach and serving of the community.

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      I have hardly missed. When the church is alive, it is exciting to go, grow and fellowship.

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      Our Daily Bread
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