What is a benefit of churches becoming involved in reentry as it relates to crime causation?

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      The involvement of the Church on reentry programs is critical for our communities. A lot of times the individuals as the result of engaging on criminal behavior suffered of serious consequences . The church is able to provide the support that those individuals might need in the event they choose to return to live a more productive live. The Criminal Justice is designed to deal on Crime and Punishment as mandate by State and Federal laws while the Church and Christian community in general is able to provide a support system that a lot of the offenders don’t have.

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      I believe churches can be an integral part of the community and its citizens. By being invested in the community, the church can reach out to examine why crime or criminal activity is going on in their community and structure outreach programs to help those in the community, especially those of low income and minority backgrounds. Sometimes we think the church is only for people that have their lives together, but its for the sick and needy. As a church we need to be reaching out into our communities to show people how Jesus would react to what is going on.

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      The benefit of churches becoming involved in reentry of offenders into society as it relates to crime causation is dealing with the spiritual aspect of sin, the sin nature, and the new man. When the church can deal with the spiritual aspect of sin (which can lead to crime), it will have a greater impact in the offenders life – physically, psychologically, relationally, and socially. A church can create a support system for the offender to learn a new way to think, act, and live.

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