What is an enemy of religion? Why did the Pharisees see Christ as an enemy of religion?

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      Gildas ange clyve

      An enemy of religion is someone who is not concerned by observing rituals to be a good person. Jesus was seen as en enemy of religion because He condemned the Pharisees in their ways of doing, their motives and the fact that they did not have a right relationship with God, they put their traditions above the Word of God.

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      Faith is the enemy of religion. God’s grace accepted is the enemy of religion

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      Christ is an enemy of religion. The Pharisees see Jesus as an enemy of religion because he defied all beliefs they had about Salvation and redemption.

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      Someone who speaks against it. Because he was trying to teach them the way and show them where they were wrong

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      The ultimate enemy of religion is Christ. The next best thing are people who are living out Christ in all they do because they are less concerned about the rituals and traditions and more conceited what Christ wants us to do. The Pharisees saw the way Christ was as a threat to their tradition and ultimately their power.

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      Karla Joy

      Being deceived by satan working through even the seemingly very religious leaders- that our works will save us. If we have faith, works will generally follow to build up the Kingdom. However, we can never attain heaven simply by trying to live as “good people” . God wants our hearts, and unless our hearts are submitted to Him by belief in Jesus Christ, we will not attain heaven. The Pharisees were so concerned with the details of following the “laws”, that they failed on every aspect to reach the people who needed to know about the Savior. They couldn’t get past their laws and practices, to even see clearly who Jesus was. I have always loved that Jesus went to mingle around the sorts of people that the religious leaders disregarded, because they believed themselves to be “better” than they- “holier than thou”. If we all strived to be more like Jesus and follow his lead, there would certainly be more winning of souls for Him.

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      The enemy of religion is thinking that we can save ourselves by what we do. The Pharisees felt that Christ was an enemy of religion because he showed the people that they didn’t need the works to be saved. It meant that the Pharisees were irrelevant and unnecessary for salvation.

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      Our Daily Bread
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