What is one specific thing you can do bigger and with more excellence in your current leadership role? What steps might you take to achieve this?

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      I can be more prepared by being more intentional about the things I do. Planning is a huge part of excellence. Planning with purpose and involving others can bring about a more excellent result.

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      I can expand my leadership impact for the Lord in my church and in my personal ministry if I am bold, committed to the Lord and better prepared. Taking these courses is part of that preparation.

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      Not be afraid to do what God has called me to do. God has given me a blueprint to start a young adult ministry but I have let people and myself talk myself out of doing it. I need to trust God and walk out the calling He has for my life.

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      Pray more and wait for Jesus to respond.

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      I can go to the Lord in prayer more often about what He wants me to do as a leader. I can read and study His word more to find examples of how He wants me to lead.

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      I can take the reins of my life (take responsibility for my life) and use it for God’s Glory. I can take my gifts and talents to create stories to share the Good News and help other people. I can create a plan for my life with God’s Help.

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      With my current leadership I can strive to have a better prayer life. When God is put first, all other things come into place. I need to pray more and use prayer as my first line of defense. By making prayer a priority, I will hopefully achieve more excellence things that point all of the glory to God. The steps that I will take to achieve this are as follows: 1) Establish a routine where prayer comes first 2) Pray for the people the encounter through the day. 3) Keep a journal of my prayers and how God is answering them.

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      Make much needed upgrades professionally done.

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      Continue to listen and stay prayed up. Have patience; Learning what I can to improve skills and appreciate experiences as they present themselves.

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      One specific thing that I need to do is learn God’s words, especially about the qualities of a good leader, setting vision, and management skills.
      To achieve this, I will enroll for study courses that can enhance my understanding of those skills to bring a transformational change to our church. All this is done to bring glory to God.

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      Our Daily Bread
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