What is the difference between seeking God’s face and seeking His hand?

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      The difference between seeking God’s face and seeking His hand? We need to seek God’s face when we are seeking to have an intimate personal relationship with him. As First Chronicles 16: 11 said, seek the Lord and his strength; seek his face evermore. So seeking God’s hand is also needed in the process when getting to know him and building the relationship.

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      Melissa Miller

      To me, I feel that when you are seeking God’s face you are looking for that connection, one where you can build a trusting relationship with him. When you are seeking God’s hands, you are wanting him to lead the way, so that you may go down the path that he has created for you.

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      When we seek God’s hand we are looking for God to fulfill some need we have but when we seek God’s face we are seeking a face to face relationship with him.

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      The difference between seeking God’s face and seeking His hand is building a relationship with the Father because of Who He is. Your desire to get to know Him so your heart can be transformed. It is not only about prayer requests you want answered. God doesn’t want shopping lists, He wants true worshippers.

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      i seed Gods face because it comforts me, much like a child seeks his mother or fathers presence. When i seek his had , I want to be lead so I am reaching for guidance.

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      When I seek God’s face I’m looking up to the One Who simply captivates me with His manifest presence. I’m in worship mode as I stand in awe before Him. My sole focus is God in the beauty of His holiness. He takes my breath away.
      When I seek God’s hand I come to Him specifically asking for something.
      God’s face – I seek His person and His presence
      God’s hand – I seek His power and blessings.

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      This is a tough one for me. Seeking Gods face is like eye to eye contact. The thoughts are there and God can see if your prayer is meaningful. He can act upon it in His way. Seeking his hand would be He will guide you in the direction He seems fit. I would think that his face is the emotional part and His hand is the motion part or direction He gives. I hope I explained it right.

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      Seeking God’s face indicates that God is ‘bending down’ to hear us. Seeking His hand seems to sort of ‘limit’ God’s to not accessing all He has for us.

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      The difference is when seeking God’s face you are praising and worshiping Him for who He is, verse always looking for what you can get out of Him. Seeking His face is Love, looking for what you can get out of Him is not being real and He already knows your heart.

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      Seeking God’s face is to desire to be in His presence, not necessarily to receive anything but just to be with Him. To seek His hand is to come asking Him for something or to do something.

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      Not sure. I must have missed this in the lesson.

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      I think that seeking His face is to get to know Him, while seeking His hand is asking for help.

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      When we seek the face of God, we are seeking His presence. Seek to know God first before seeking His help. God’s hand is also important because it is the hand of protection and pleasure (Psalm 16:8,11). However, the Bible does not instruct us to seek God’s hand; the Bible teaches us to seek God’s face first. The Bible says, “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.” (1 Chronicles 16:11).
      Therefore, the first thing we need to do when facing trials is to seek God’s face. Looking into the face of God will relieve all our worry and fear. We trust that His hand will protect us and take care of our problems.

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      Seeking God’s face is seeking to know Him more intimately. It goes beyond asking for His help (seeking His hand). It is having conversation with Him, meditating on His Word, and listening for His direction and love.

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      His hand- blessings

      His face- being honest

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      Seeking God’s hand is asking for action to be done in a situation- for God to manipulate the events in some way. Seeking God’s face is wanting to see Him- His personality, His very being.

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      In seeking God’s Face, we are seeking fellowship with our Maker, who knows more about us than we know ourselves. As we seek of Him, we know in His Holy Hand that He carries the power and Will to guide and direct our lives to be superlatively lived according to His Will and when we commune with God through prayer, we received from His Hand what God gives…

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      Seeking Gods face means to ‘really’ pray in its true sense whereas seeking Gods hand means we are purely looking to see what he can do for us.

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      God wants use to get to know him, in seeking his face, we are seeking to know him, to hear his voice, his plan, his way. Seeking for his hand is wanting him to give us what we need, when what we need is him. It would be like getting a gift from friend, a parent, or a spouse, and never talking with them, spending time with them, just getting the gift. God is so much more than that.

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      Our Daily Bread
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