What is the difference between your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and your practice of religion or religious experience?

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      We don’t need rituals to follow Jesus, we just have to believe and confess

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      If I go back to the time when I had not accepted Christ I would say that my relationship with Him was one way. It was Him doing many things for me and me not realising it. As for religion, well, honestly I did not care for it for all the reasons listed so far. I see now that there is a distinction between the religion of Christianity and being a Christ Follower. I’d rather be known as being a Christ Follower.

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      Karla Joy

      My relationship with God is the most important one to me. I love my family, friends… but I pray that those relationships ( as wonderful as they are) will never be first or come before my relationship with My God. I believe everything belongs to God- He gives, He takes away- and that because everything is His, I live knowing that my family / friends are going to die one day ( same as me). It is so important to me that I be what He wants me to be. Prayer. I can’t put enough emphasis on prayer and the power or praying. I have to have that daily communion with My God. I long for it, and that time alone with God is a priority- I can’t start my day, or end my day or be in the middle of the day without prayer. In my view, prayer is essential to my life, just like breathing is.

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      My personal relationship with Jesus is something that develops my heart. It is guide by a Person, it is deep, it is real. It changes me more into Who He is. The practice of my religion is the outward expression of my heart. It is how people can see my heart. It is a way I can be the hands, feet, and voice of Him to others.

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      Our Daily Bread
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