What is the focus of attention in the “appetite” model of SoulCare?

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      The focus in an appetite model of SoulCare is God. More specifically, it’s guiding a person through the Holy Spirit to their deepest desire and passion for God. Part of this depends on the New Covenant, the relationship with Jesus Christ. In other words, the acceptance of Christ’s redemptive power through His shed blood and body.

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      To stay focus and wait on God will be core to the appetite model of SoulCare. In a fast paced world, we tend to want quick fixes and solutions to all issues which will get us to try to take things in our hand. However, learning to be obedient and let God take control over our lives will require us to let go and wait on Him, trusting that all blessings come from God and be willing to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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      The focus of attention in the appetite model is the new Covenant. I, as someone who offers SoulCare, believe that the new Covenant is true, that as 2 Cor 5:17 says because I am in Christ I have within me a new appetite for God stronger than all appetites. As a provider of SoulCare, my role is to be an agent by which the Spirit stimulates this appetite for God in my friend so that all other appetites become second level appetites and not first priority. My first priority is to make life work trusting that God is good and can be trusted no matter what.

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      Be a signpost, a catalyst to stir an hunger, a thirst in our soul that only God can fill.

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      The focus of attention in the “appetite” model of Soul Care is always is on what the Spirit is doing. There is something in me or you that we can be aware of as the Holy Spirit guides and leads us on this Soul Care journey. It can be a passion, urge, a force, and inclination, put there by the Holy Spirit is the New Covenant. If the person is willing to cooperate than the Holy Spirit can guide us and heal our inner hearts and souls.

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      The focus of attention in the appetite model of Soulcare is the truth of the New Covenant. It is what the Spirit is doing, what HE wants to do and the fact that something in the person wants to cooperate.

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      The focus of attention in the appetite model is always what the Spirit is doing, what He wants to do, and the fact that there is something in you that wants to cooperate. The appetite way of relating releases a passion of grace out of my soul into you that stirs the work of the Spirit in what He is already doing.
      It is not about what’s wrong with you.

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