What is the most unique thing about the Bible? What are our options, if we choose to ignore its uniqueness?

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      The most unique is that it’s God’s word to us. If we ignore this it’s writers would be ‘liars, lunatics etc

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      It is the inspired, God breathed word of God. You choose to deny the very existence of God

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      The Bible is unique in many ways. But the most unique thing I believe about the Bible is that it is “Inspired” by God. It is “God Breathed.” And on top of the, because it is God breathed, we can know that we have a “SURE WORD OF PROPHECY.” This is not a book that was just made up by a bunch of men and a few women. No. It is unique because it makes a series of claims. It is not just another religious book. But it is “THE BOOK” from God, about God, to His creation.

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