What is the process of sanctification? How is God using this process with His self-reliant children to conform them to the image of Jesus Christ?

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      Excepting christ,walking in his wird ,boasting in him.

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      Sanctification is making ourselves more like Jesus and becoming more aligned with Him. We need to set us ourselves apart from the world and strive to be holy. It is a process where He makes me understand that I cannot rely on my self and my good works, good deeds, etc, but must rely on Him

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      Sanctification is the process of becoming more and more like Christ; being set apart from the world. It is a continual process, and not based on works or anything we can earn, which is hard for self-reliant people to wrap their heads around.

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      Sanctification means separation for specific purposes especially holiness, God is sanctified, purified and concentrated us for his special purpose and makes us holy in the Christ’s image.

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      To be sanctified means that you have been set apart, purified, and dedicated to God’s service. It is the refining process that God uses to make us holy in the image of Jesus Christ.

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      Sanctification is the process God uses to make me holy. It is his way to free me from sin, and the only way to do this is through Jesus’ blood. It is a life long process because in this body, I am still a sinner. Just recognizing that I can be free from sin in Jesus, is the first step.

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      God is preparing those who follow him to be set apart and renewed through Jesus

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      The process of sanctification really is a process! He is constantly setting me apart to do His will. The challenge for is that I can easily revert to self-reliance and my own wisdom. So as I get older, I see God continually working to set me apart for His will.

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      Sanctification is the process believers go through in being made holy or being freed from sin or purified. He is tearing down the notion that it is possible to make yourself holy through your own abilities or works. We must take off our old selves and conform to Christ and trust in Him and Him alone to complete the good work being done in us.

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      Our Daily Bread
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