What is the significance of Jesus Christ’s claim to be God?

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      Without His deity, then then we could not be reconciled from our sins to God.

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      This is a hinge point of all scripture. For God’s plan to be a reality Jesus must be God. Without this all scripture would be of no effect and sinful man could never have a relationship with a holy and righteous God. Furthermore Christ states that he is God for this to be untrue would make all of Christianity a fable.

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      The Bible makes it clear that readers believe Jesus was and is God. The whole message of the Bible stands on this point of Jesus’ deity. He was fully God and fully human. We must understand and believe this as we read about his ministry.

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      It is important for us to know and believe that Jesus Christ is God in th flesh.

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      Woo seob

      The reason why Jesus Christ should be God is that Christ is Messiah and must show God’s character as the Lord.

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      Because only with blood we can have relationship with God. And the fact Jesus Christ is God his sacrifice is perfect and enough to pardon our sins and we have eternal life through H̤̮im.

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      If Jesus is not God, then we are following a death man. Jesus is God is the central theme of the Bible and gives life to our faith in Him.

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      Jesus’ claims to be God is very significant. The whole Bible is centered around this. Our faith is based on this. Our salvation depends on Jesus being God.

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      The entire message of the Bible stands or falls on the single point of Christ’s deity. If He wasn’t God, our faith is futile.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      If Jesus wasn’t God, he wouldn’t be fulfilling the Old Testament prophecy and people would just be following a dead man. It would negate our whole faith.

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      Jesus is our Savior and our only way to heaven. If He isn’t the Son of God, then this does not matter.

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      Jesus is God in the flesh and Jesus came to earth guide and teach us and then died on the cross so that we may be saved from our sin. And he sits at the right hand of God making intercession for us. And one day soon he will return to earth and those that are in him will be taken back to heaven. What a glorious day that will be.

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      That we have a Savior who loves us and can forgive us.

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      If Jesus is not God, all has been lost…we not only have lost our everyday faith and our forgiveness for past sins, but we also lose our hope for a better future. That would be truly heartbreaking…I choose to believe.

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      Jesus’s death is only a sacrifice to save us if he is God. Otherwise it would just be a martyrs death.

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      If he’s not God then he was just another man – Because He was God in the flesh and died and rose again we have forgiveness of sins through his precious blood.

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      It is had to put into words the magnitude of the significance of not only Christ’s claim but the fact that Christ is God. Without it we have no chance of salvation, redemption, connection to the Father, etc….

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      The whole Bible stands or falls on this fact. If Jesus is not God then there is no hope for mankind.

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      In Luke 3 vs 22 as Jesus was praying the holy spirit descended on him in bodily form as a Dove.A voice came from heaven,that was God who pronounced that “You are my son ,whom I love ;with you I am well pleased. This is God’s own voice making it clear that the son was brought to us and go through all humans go through such as pain which he endured, the only difference is he was sinless and died to save us from our sins. He is the only person who died and rose again and he is still alive with us. We are yet to see another person go through resurrection.The significance of Jesus’s claim to be God is it is only through Jesus that our sins can be forgiven.

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      If Jesus is not God, then faith in Him for forgiveness of sin is not valid.

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      The significance of Jesus Christ being God is that He is able to forgive us of our sins and heal our broken relationship with our Heavenly Father. The significance of Jesus Chris being man is that we can better relate to Him by knowing that He suffered through the same emotions of sadness, grief, anger, rejection, betrayal, injustice, love, being tempted by Satan and so much more just like we as humans do.

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      So we can relate to him. He is God in human form.

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      The significance of Jesus Christ’s claim to be God is that He was both fully human and God. When God became flesh in Jesus Christ, he submitted himself to the pains of this world. God can fully empathize with humans and their “hurt” because He Himself experienced it when He was a man (Jesus).

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      Though many came before, and after Jesus, claiming to be the one, Jesus’ claim was evident by the miracles and healings, and the reaction of the religious leaders fulfilling the prophecies.

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      Only God could be faultless and blameless enough to pay for our sins and grant us salvation. If it were up to a human, we could not ever be redeemed!

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      For me the significance of Jesus Christ’s claim to be God is really the beginning of understanding his love for us. Here we find a “man” claiming to be God and we have to ask ourselves if he is God there must have been a choice along the way that He made to come and dwell among us. It shows his deep love for us. That he would become both God and Man and be susceptible to all the things we as humans are. I don’t know but this life is hard and I often wonder man if I would have known how hard it was going to be before I was sent to my mothers womb would I have chosen this for myself? I don’t think I would. I would just say in the presence of my father. But he knew. Yet he still chose to come and live among us fully God and fully man. It significant because he loved us even while we were yet sinners. He didn’t have to do what he did for us.

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      The significance of Jesus Christ’s claim to be God shows God’s power and love to save the world. I am so glad God came in the form of flesh to experience humanity and pay the price of our sins. He also reestablished our access to God and created a way for us to become what God created us to be. When I think about God, his holiness, coming down to earth as a servant, his love is so deep it’s hard to comprehend.

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      For the simple fact that if He were not God, none of our sins would be forgiven and our lives would be lost forever. As the God-man, Jesus took all our sins to the cross and opened a path for us to have a personal connection with God ourselves. We do not need to go through a priest for that, we can do it ourselves.

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      The significance is that we should realize that Jesus being God has the same power and traits. It means that we owe Him the same reverence as God the Father. It means that we owe Him the same love, the same respect, the same adoration. We can trust Jesus as our Lord. He is just as Mighty. And Powerful.

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      If he was, then we should give special credence to whatever he said.

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      It shows the uniqueness of Jesus as God to believers. The gospel of John expounds on various traits that make Jesus stand out as God. For instance he is refered to as the bread of life, the light of the world, the vine, the way the truth and the life, the resurecation and the life.

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      What is the significance of Jesus Christ’s claim to be God? The significance of Jesus Christ’s claim to be God was to forgive others of their sins, walk out a sacred and divine life through deity, and the working of miracles. Jesus was sent to earth by his Father, God. The Bible states in John 3:17 that God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.
      Jesus was on a mission for His Father, in heaven. His mission as the son of God was to save the lost. In doing so, Jesus had to leave his heavenly home, live on earth as a human being and announce His true identify as the son of God. He not only claimed to be the son of God but He was God. His mission was to live, die for our sins, and rise from the dead as a sign of having life through eternity. It was very important for Jesus to fulfill this plan. Jesus came to earth as a gift to the world. He died so that we may be forgiven. He arose from the grave so that we may have a place in heaven just as God had promised us.

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      It is proof of Jesus’s deity, ability to forgive sin, ability to heal.

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      It is very important. The infallibility of the whole Bible hinges upon it. If this claim was false and a lie our faith in Jesus is futile. It and he can not save us.

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      If Jesus were not God then my hope is still only for this life. But as God my hope is for eternity.

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      The entire message of the New Testament stands or falls on the single point that Jesus is God. Without the proof, the New Testament would not exist and our sins would not be freed.

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      Jesus is fully God and fully human. All other religious leaders have died but Jesus is alive today and moving through the Holy Spirit.

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      Our Daily Bread
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