What is unique about a relationship with Christ when compared to other religious movements and experiences of the first century?

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      Gildas ange clyve

      What is unique about a relationship with Christ is the principle of grace. Jesus has done everything to enable who believes in Him to enter a new relationship with God. There is no merit, all is by grace and through faith. The other religious movements were burdening and enslaving while Christ’s doctrine is liberating.

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      Christ rose from the dead. He is the only god that accomplished this, All other religious happenings were mere dead idols.His physical body appeared alive to hundreds of people.

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      Jesus did what no other had done before,he prophesied his death and his Resurrection as well as healed all those with faith in him.

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      Jesus prophesied his own death and resurrection which came to pass. Jesus had compassion, healed those with infirmities and comforted those in need

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      I think one unique thing is that He became man and has a deep understanding of what we go through. He has “walked in our shoes so to speak”. Also, the fact they we have a relationship with Him and don’t need any “go between”.

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      Karla Joy

      For me, what I believe sets a relationship with Christ “apart” from all others.. is “accessibility”. When you choose to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life, you have just accepted the creator of the universe to come and make a home inside you. When you believe , you have just tapped into the power that is Living… Living and Active, able to do great and mighty things. You have access to His love, His forgiveness . Accepting means you are heirs , and co -heirs to all he has to offer in this life and in the next. I can access Jesus anytime , any place , anywhere. He is always accessible. I don’t have to go through some “ritual” to access him. I call on His name, and he meets me wherever I am. That relationship is everything, and what other god is like that? There is no other god, and none like My God.

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      A relationship with Christ is a life of peace. You have forgiveness when you make a mistake, you are loved unconditionally, you can have hope that you will be able to live with Jesus in heaven even though you made mistakes. Other religions hold you to an impossible standard you can never reach. Relationship changes everything. A relationship is open to all people regardless of race, status, education, occupation, or works.

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      Our Daily Bread
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