What kind of legacy do people most often wish to leave? Why?

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      I believe that most people want to leave a legacy that shows their accomplishments in life: job, wealth, success, etc… A lot of people want to show that they worked hard in their lives to achieve the best for their family. However, I think many people also want to leave a legacy that shows their compassion to others, their faith in Jesus Christ, and their love of others.

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      Penny Schaeffer

      I am not most people. I want my friends, family, my co-workers, my students to remember that above all else, that I was a follower of Christ. That He is the center of my life.

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      Most people want to leave a legacy that will not only allow generations of their families to be taken care of, but will allow them to also be remembered. And that desired legacy is to leave a good name behind, not one that people despise. This is because it is a natural desire for our family name to live on because we want to feel as though we have left some sort of mark or meaning behind after we are no longer here.

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      People most often want to leave a legacy of good faith and to show how they were favored. People also want to be able to leave their accomplishments.

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      I think a good percentage of people want to leave a legacy of their accomplishments. Their wealth and business successes. These are things that they worked hard for all their life. There are also those who have lived good godly lives and have shared it with others. They want to leave a legacy that others others in their path can use to Grow in their faith. To see the righteous path.

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      Do people mean most of the people? I am not sure how other people think. I will say I will leave my reputation, I want people to remember me no matter whether I am here or not.

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      Most people money when it should be Jesus

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      Good amount of wealth for their family because their family matters the most

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      I feel that they wamt to leave a good and wealthy legacy, but they worry more about monitary value vs who they were as a person

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      I think people often think about material wealth, or a great deed that they can leave behind. I think that there are people who have done and have shaped history. Those people wouldn’t exist, though, without the collective consciousness of humanity; our constant strive to be more. Think of greats like MLKJr or Mandela; great men but their causes and how they employed their virtue in relationship to the causes is what made them great. The causes are the collective desire of humanity; our soul striving to be better because we know there is better because our souls are embedded in the image of God.

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      I think people wish to leave a legacy of remembrance and importance. They want to be remembered by the people that they love and want to be remembered as making a difference in the lives of others.

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      Most people want to leave a legacy that others will remember. A legacy that leaves our family better off for whatever their future holds. I believe this stems from our fear of death. We desire to “live” in the memories of others.

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      Most people want to leave a lasting legacy. It is part of our inner desire to have communion and purpose with others – to leave an imprint in others lives.

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      Most people wish to leave a legacy that will last the test of time. The is because people want to be remembered.

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      Woo seob

      In general, the legacy that people want to leave is their achievements, reputation, and property. However, Christians do not value such a legacy because they have a desire for heaven.

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      I feel that many people are concerned with the physical parts of a legacy. They may focus on what they leave behind in respect to inheritances or possessions they accumulated and can pass to the next generation. I do feel that many people are more concerned with the people they affect while here. I think that most people want to leave behind a legacy of positivity. A legacy that speaks to whether they were a good father or husband, mother or wife. Did they teach people things? Did they leave this place better than they found it?
      There are many reasons why people would want leave different kinds of legacies. They may be motivated by selfish ambitions and worldly beliefs or they may want to leave a legacy that points people to Christ.

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      Well, again I feel that the majority of people want to live a life that is pleasing to society. They want to feel that when their time on earth is up that society will know them for their kindness, strong stance in what they believe in and that they made a difference in life. It’s a longing and a desire to be, as I mentioned earlier, accepted and approved of.

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      Christine Sweeney

      Most people are more worried about leaving a Physical inheritance rather than passing down a spiritual inheritance. People work their life away just to gain material possessions that they can’t take with them. This world has taught people that the more money and things you have the more successful you are. That is idolism. People are idolising money and material things more than God. As a Christian we are to be doing things on earth now that are going to have an eternal impact. God says in Matthew 6:19-21
      19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ” If you are a Christian your reward will be in Heaven. I may not be rich now but I am looking forward to my Heavenly reward. This is the legacy I want to leave for my son.

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      I would guess that most people want to be remembered as a “good” or “kind” person. In addition, they want to have the worldly definition of success and power. They want to be someone who is worth remembering and who made a difference.
      I think this would be true because as humans we have a desire to be known and remembered. It matters to us what others think of us.
      I think the definition of each of the ideas that I listed above could be different based on the person, and certainly as viewed by a believer vs. non-believer.

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      People as they get older I begin to wonder what kind of rent or legacy that they will leave behind. I would ask the question what did they for fill in this life in the time that I was given. They will have a evaluation of how they live and how they affected others what they did was important what they did in this life that will leave a lasting impression. Even though our lives are temporary most wanted to leave a lasting image of one’s life.

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      If we are going to be honest i would have to say that the most desired legacy in the world today is power and or money. As for myself as I wish financial health on my sons my first desire is that they have a strong relationship with Christ

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      People like the thought of passing their knowledge, beliefs, and wealth to their families/children. For Christians, the belief to bring their children up in the way they should go, and the thought that they will pass that on to the next generation is of primary importance. They believe one day they will meet in heaven.

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      People leave a legacy of their choices even non-believers wants to leave legacy to their children even though doesn’t last but as Christians we need to leave legacy of demonstrating, manifestation Jesus in our lives, by serving him in all ways regardless the environment and hindrances around us.

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      I think my initial response to this question would be that most people want to leave a legacy of being a “good person”, someone who is kind, selfless, and a hard worker. Even people who do not know Christ still want to follow in Christ’s ways, though they may not realize or even want to believe it. For believers, we want to leave a legacy of demonstrating Christ’s love in everything that we do. We want people to see less of us and more of Christ in our lives. Our true purpose is to lead others to the Lord so we can spend an eternity with them in heaven.

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      It depends on the person. Some want their own name and accomplishments to “live on” in recognition for generations to come. They want to be known as the best at what they did, as the standard for all who come after. Other people want to leave a legacy that benefits the family members of generations to follow, whether that be financial security, or through the values and practices that lead towards success that have been passed on. And, some want to to leave a legacy that benefits the community/world around them in some way.

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      People wish to leave a legacy for their children and family. In the end items don not matter, it is what you did in life and the choses you made. As you age you start to realize the possessions you have are of no value to your life.

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      The kind of legacy people most often wish to leave are usually earthly wealth and Power instead of Heavenly treasures. They often need to ensure their next generation to follow them will continue their legacy even though they will have no idea that this will occur. Solomon concluded, ” a life seperated from God is empty”, ” When I considered all that I had accomplished and what I had labored to achieve , I found everything to be futile and a pursuit of the wind”. “Remember your creator in the days of your youth” “For the person who is pleasing in his sight , he gives wisdom knowledge and joy.”

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      Wealth and recognition. They want people to respond positively when their name is mentioned.

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      Most people seek to leave a legacy of wealth and success. They think these things bring meaning to life.

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      Our Daily Bread
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