What new insights did you learn from a careful review of the Scripture readings cited in this lesson?

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      Good reminder that we’re on a spiritual journey to become more like Christ. It’s not a one and done moment.

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      James Fuller

      I like how it worded that salvation shouldn’t be viewed as a point-in-time, but rather a point-of beginning. So many people think that once you accept Christ as your Savior you are done and don’t have to do anything else. We should constantly be seeking to grow closer to Christ and in our knowledge of him and his Word.

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      That when we pray the prayer tp be saved and repent of our sin ( as we are all sinners) that it is just the beginning. The journey to spiritual growth begins to affect all areas of our life from family to finances. We have been promised eternal life through the death of Jesus, we have to accept it as no one can enter heaven but through Him.

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      1) That anyone who denies the Father and the Son are antichrists.
      2) That those who completely walk away from God were never really with Him.
      3) When we pray we must pray according to his will.

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      What I loved most was the reality that in Christ I am being transformed from glory to glory to be more like Jesus. That what God will finish what He began in me.

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      God does not only want us to be saved by Jesus. He wants us to grow through a deeper spiritual life with Him.

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      I liked how it is broken apart into the 3 movements. From Creation of all things, to the fall and then to redemption with supporting scripture. And I like how John 1:12 says that we can all become children of God when we receive Him and believe in His name.

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      I loved the reference to children yearning to do thing the “big kids do.” We too want to grow up into all things in Christ Jesus.

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      I’m encouraged by the reminder of how our salvation in Christ is something we are called to be constantly growing into. That the Lord didn’t just call us into a moment of salvation, but a lifetime of growing into what it looks like to live a life that is honoring and glorifying to Him.

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      I was impressed by the simple analysis of the Bible’s “movements” into three parts. First, creation. Then, the Fall. (How short these first two parts of the story are!) Then, Redemption, the bulk of the Bible’s theme. So the Bible weighs heavily, in the balances, toward the redeeming, merciful acts of God. They emerge as sheer grace and spiritual power in what God has done through Christ, His cross, and resurrection–and the Bible and Holy Spirit. What a way of life!

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      Nathan Safe

      This lesson is filled with such great reminders. From the beginning of creation, the fall, Israel and God’s plan for redemption through Jesus Christ. Focusing on the necessity of a person not merely believing that Jesus existed but recognizing their separation from God because of sin. Trusting that they have forgiveness of those sins because Jesus has paid for them on the cross in their place. Ultimately then turning from sin and living for Christ.

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      Not only is Jesus my Savior, but He is also my Lord. I need to see God/Jesus as both my salvation and control in my life. I think I’ve been focused only on that one aspect of Savior. I must move to that other aspect as Lord – the Rule, the Guide, and Commander of my life.

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      I loved the last paragraph about how Spiritual growth doesn’t happen because we try harder! It is Christ working in us through bible study, prayer, and time with other believers. We become more like Christ not through our own doing (Romans 8:28-29)

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      The Gospel isn’t just being saved from Hell; God saves us from our own sin, and gives us eternal life which begins on THIS side of eternity. 1 John 5:13 was an amazing verse to remind me of that.

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      The illustrations were great. Giving us an idea how we are separated from God by sin through chasm was insightful. 1 John 5:13 – knowing that I don’t have to doubt if I have eternal life, but it is in His Word I FOR SURE do!

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      2 Corinthians 3:8 just bringing to light that as we grow more in our spiritual formation and our relationship with Christ, there is still nothing that we earn or just try harder to do. It is because of the grace that God bestows to us every day to recognize our need for Him and to continue depending on and being sanctified by Him.

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      Fellowship with other believers is a part of our spiritual formation

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      I was reminded of God’s love for me. He loved me to send His son to die that I may be reconciled to him. Due to Adam’s sin, there was a separation from God. Through Jesus Christ, we are reconciled back to God.

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      I was reminded of the redemptive work of Christ from Genesis 3-Revelation 22. I was encouraged by the assurance of salvation that is written about in 1 John.

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      God was talking to the Devil in Genesis 3:15. Another moment early in the scriptures were Jesus was revealed.
      Was reminded of the importance of the communication about the great chasm that separates us from intimacy with God and that redemption back to that requires Salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

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      Being a Christian is an ever-growing thing. At no point do you ever stop learning.

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      Chris Drenth

      I was freshly aware of the ways that God’s word is the way that he has communicated with us. How I live is my response to his love for me.

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      Katie Harrell

      A reminder that we are all like babies that need to continue to grow and get the food/nutrients we need to mature instead of just staying content. We all have that desire to want something more and we can get that through growth/time with God.

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      A reminder that knowledge is not enough. We can know all the right verses. We can know about Jesus coming to die on the cross for our sin, but knowing does not save us. It’s is our act of submission to His Lordship, our placing our faith and trust in Him that saves us.

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      I didn’t learn any new insights from these scriptures. These are all pretty basic to the fundamental understanding of salvation and spiritual life and I was familiar with all of them already.

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      Justin Lenamon

      Great reminder that salvation and God’s love for me isn’t based on me and my works, but on His faithfulness.

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      Nothing really new but it is always good to be reminded of how much God wants a relationship with us.

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      I don’t know about new, but God desires to be in relationship with us and makes the path to that being possible very clear.

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      God’s love and desire to be in relationship with us

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      that God truly loves us for who we are and not because of what we do.

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      There are clear lines of communication. All our instruction needed is in the Bible. No ‘additional’ revelation is needed.
      The Holy Spirit is our teacher. The greatest growth comes from godly obedience, not intellect. I desire to grow more in my relationships.

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      The greatest call of God’s heart is to commune with us, even when we were totally unlovely.
      Eternal life is forever with God & so much more. As we abide in Christ the Love of God heals us from glory to glory.
      We learn & grow as a new creation in Christ. He began a good work in us and will see it to completion.

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      The basic outlie of the Bible into 3 basic movements; creation, the fall & redemption.
      Approx.2/3 of the Bible concerns redemption. The Bible is His love letter to us.

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      I am reminded by how good and simple the gospel message really is, and how deep and powerful it always is! I thank God my salvation is NOT based on my works.

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      Spiritual formation comes from daily walking with Christ in all we do. Our spiritual growth includes our self, family, occupation, health, and social issues. How we respond with God, the world, church and ourselves is how we grow.

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      That as a sinner seperated from God, my infinite need and infinite desires can only be filled by an infinite God.

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      A reminder that we will never earn salvation. That it is a gift afforded us by the death and resurrection of Jesus.. and a gift we have to zealously seek to grow in and share.

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      I really liked thinking more about all the ways that God communicates with us and us with him. Communication is at the core of any relationship and it certainly has to be at the core of the most important relationship with Him.

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      That God overlooked our ignorance and gave us the right to become children of God

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      “I say to you unless one is born again, he cannot see the kigdom of God” (John 3:3)

      Shown me how important to renew your mind

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      We are all fallen creatures and in need of a Savior. Obeying the Law or the ten commandments does not offer salvation. That is only by the grace of God that I can obtain salvation thru the sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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      The seriousness of our sin. We have all fallen short.

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      To begin a relationship with Jesus Christ is to unite myself to Him. Like all relationships I need to grow in my friendship with Christ and I can do so by regularly reading Scripture, praying often to God individually and collectively as well as meeting with fellow Christians to worship God in Christ. I can do this because Jesus strengthens me – apart from Him I can do nothing. I truly believe that in my heart.

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      I learned that God’s word is how he speaks to use and our prayers are talking to him. And he does want me to be his.

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      Reading these scriptures again has allowed me to see them in a different view. They have become more personal. They have become more important and has giving me a motivation to talk to unbelievers even though that is the most difficult thing for me to do.

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      In looking at the biblical requirements for restored fellowship with God, the first point is to “admit that we are sinners and cannot save ourselves.” The second point is a sober reminder of “the seriousness of our sin.” I must accept that I am part of the “all” who “have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3.23 NKJV). Looking around to justify my sin by citing what others do or don’t do is futile. Circling myself to do or undo my failures is a waste of time, energy and anything else God has so graciously given (for His glory). All of our attempts or offerings for “righteousnesses are like filthy rags” (Isaiah 64.6 NKJV). That’s adding insult to injury.

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      I have learned that When you are saved you are fullied with an unearthly amount of joy and I remember this feeling from when I was first saved and it beings great joy to my heart

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      God’s redemptive grace and process in Christ Jesus.

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      I was reminded that it is about what God has done on the cross for me and not my own works. Also, love the call in 2 Peter 3:18 to continue to grow our relationship with Christ through the before mentioned Bible study, prayer, fellowship with other believers. It is a good reminder of how to grow closer to Christ in all areas.

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      I have learned that the Holy Bible is a book about God’s plan of redemption.

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      I learned that salvation has nothing to do with who I am or what I have done, but everything to do with who God is, and what He has done through His Son Jesus Christ.

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      Our Daily Bread
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