What new things about interpreting the book of Revelation did you learn from this lesson?

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      I have heard from various places and pastors of the seven seals, trumpets, and bowls. But they were just an overview of what I read and listen to in this course so far. To this point of the lesson, not the whole book, is quite interesting learning how John and God talked, the letters to the churches, the trumpets, seals, 144,000, and the witnesses. I find it all fascinating.

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      One thing that reframed my thinking was the clarification on Jesus telling his people not be lukewarm. We automatically assume being on fire/hot for God is the good and being cold is turn away from Christ. Instead, to be hot is to be therapeutic through our faith and to be cold is to be refreshingly cold.

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      From this lesson I learned that there are four different ways that people interpret the book of Revelation.

      I really enjoyed reading the video transcript after watching, it helped me to dissect and revisit the analysis portion of this lesson on Revelation (I read it multiple times). I gathered new learning in the sections on “Readership, Circumstances, and Date”.

      I was reminded that Revelation was corroborated by the prophecies of Ezekiel and Daniel.

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      I found it more confusing then anything.

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      Stephen Moore

      I really appreciated the reminder that this was indeed a letter written to people who were expected to understand it. What must those people have been like, and what would their understanding have been?
      I also appreciate the caution that we can’t expect that it’s just a way to interpret the news. That said, I think that it is clear that this was also written for us, here now, and not only seven historical Churches of ancient Turkey. It is interesting that it is stereoscopic in being specific for them and also useful for us now!

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      To be open to the different views of the rapture and the millennium and the tribulation. I have always been given to understand one point of view, dismissingdifferent points of view. I am now open to those.

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      I learned that there are different interpretations that go along with The understanding of the book of Revelations, the end of times book.
      I also understood that sometimes two or more interpretations suit better than one or any of the interpretations.
      The importance of at least recognizing the differences and knowing the each interpretations are crucial when you read to understand. The understanding of the different meanings of things described that are not of human form.

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      I learnt that there are signs and symbols that indicate the end of days.

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      Our Daily Bread
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