What people desire today is reality. Since Christianity is true, it brings us into life in the way God created life to be. What is this life like?

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      Which life are we talking about earthly life or heavenly life. Earthly life is hard, with sin, pain and struggles with temptation. Heavenly life is freedom from those things. A life of love and peace

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      This is a life where we are forgiven and love so much. It is a life where we can always know that no matter how far we fall that we are saved. A life with a grand plan that we cannot begin to understand. A life of faith.

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      A life of trusting in a God Who loved us so much that He died for our iniquities, not by anything we did to deserve His grace. It was purely because of His great love for us. It is a life of being chosen, love, accepted, foreknown. It is a life of being eternally protected and guided, never left alone.

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