What role should the teachings of the book of Song of Songs play in the instruction of young people today?

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      From this book, young people might learn about the plan God has for passionate love in their married lives. Rather than subscribing to ideas about romance and sex that make these things dirty, shameful, or something to obsess over, young (and old) people can find hope in a different way of becoming one with another person. When romance and sex become part of our physical and spiritual joys in life. This book sets an example for lovers who bring God into their relationships.

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      I believe that this book should be used so much more with the youth in our churches. The idea of purity (in other words, no sex before marriage) is what is being driven into Christian youth today. While this is an important lesson, we really need them to see what a beautiful loving relationship SHOULD look like and that there is nothing to fear in that regard. Rather than society informing their decisions on what a marital mate should look like, it is so important that the Word of God be the tool that informs those decisions. Song of Songs is a beautiful portrait of what that relationship can be.

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