What similarities and differences does Paul point out between Adam and Jesus Christ? (Recall Romans 5:12-21.) What is the significance of these observations?

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      The comparison mainly shows the morality of man and the immorality of Christ. Even as a “man” walking on the Earth, Jesus remained without blemish. Adam, however, sinned and brought death. Jesus came to bring life.

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      Adam and Jesus were both men. Adam disobeyed God and all of us were made sinners and Jesus obeyed God and all of us are made righteous in the eyes of God. Sin reigned in Adam and life reigns in Jesus.

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      Adam was the first human and his choice to disobey God determined the initial fate of humanity, eternal separation from God. Jesus came to change the result of eternal separation from God by being the “second Adam” to redeem the fallen mankind by living a perfect obedient sacrificial live to the Father in order to revere the curse.

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      The similarity between the old Adam and the new Adam, JESUS is; individually, they both affected the humanity through their actions.
      The differences are first Adam’s action led to sin, a fallen world and separation from GOD. The second Adam, JESUS CHRIST’s action brought salvation (restoration of the relationship between GOD and man). Another difference is the old Adam represents the natural while the New Adam, Jesus represents the spiritual.

      The significance is through Adam came sin ( one sin to many sins) and all of its’ consequences including death; all humanity is condemned. But through JESUS CHRIST salvation has come to all that will believe, (realize that you are a sinner and have faith to believe that JESUS died for your sins and accept Him as Lord and Savior). Then the relationship is restored between GOD and man.

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      Both of them are a type of men. Adam the first, Christ the last.
      Both of them did one main action that had consequences for everybody.
      Differences, Adam brought sin, Jesus salvation.
      Adam brought death (ultimately consequence of sin) and Jesus brought life to those who believe in Him.
      Adam affected everybody, Jesus’ justification is for the elected.

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      In the garden of Eden, Adam changed leaders from God Almighty to the god of this world, Satan. Consequently, Adam’s sin led to generations of sinful, condemned, rebellious children in desperate need of a savior. God in His Mercy sent Jesus who, through His blood shed on the cross, became the Expiation that removed our sins and the Propitiation that satisfied God’s wrath, redeemed us from Satan’s slavery, justified us our position with God, and sent the Holy Spirit to continually sanctify us and eventually glorify us. Praise be to God!

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      The contract between Adam and Christ are broad ; Adam sinned but Jesus did not , Adam by one act of disobedience made many sinners, Jesus was obedient. Adam was a living soul, Christ was a spirit, Adam brought Death ,Christ brings life. Adam brought condemnation, Christ brought Justification. We have been bought with a price and set apart for God’s glory we have our sins nailed to the cross with Christ. We have been Sanctified Justified and with be Gloried.

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        Thanks for your point-by-point description explaining the differences between Adam and Christ. The only similarity appears to be that they were both men who were confronted by Satan in a garden and given the opportunity to choose who they would follow. Adam chose Satan, while Jesus took the cup of God’s wrath and became our Expiation and Propitiation.

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      The similarities between Jesus and Adam are both were individual men; both acted in ways that affected the entire human race.
      The differences are that Adam’s action led to sin whereas Jesus’ actions lead to salvation.
      Adam’s actions brought death; Jesus’ actions brought righteousness. The significance is that through Adam all have sinned and deserve to die; but Jesus through His finished works cleans us to His righteousness and brings eternal life.

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        I liked the succinct way you summarized humanity’s path from Adam’s sinful rebellion and eventual condemnation to Jesus’s merciful deliverance. Paul’s masterful presentation of this process in Roman’s provides the perfect backdrop for dealing with a mostly pagan congregation.

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      Our heritage through Adam is sin and death. Jesus paid the price to set us free from sin and death through is death on the cross. Our destiny is settled by Christ but our experience is controlled by evil. Adam is portrayed as head of the old creation and Christ is the head of all of those in the new creation. As a result of Adams’ actions human death and spiritual death entered the world. But with Christs’ intervention no one has to pay the penalty of sin unless he wants to (Free Will) as we have salvation through faith in Christ. The contrast of Adam and Jesus Christ includes that sin of Adam and the free gift of grace through Jesus. Through Adams’ disobedience many were made sinners but through Jesus Christ all can be righteous.

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      Adam was a sinner and wasn’t Holy whereas Jesus is Holy and perfect.

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