What steps can you take to ensure you do not form unholy alliances in both your personal life and your leadership position?

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      Staying humble is key to not making unholy alliances. Also standing for Truth, no matter how difficult, will always lead to a good end whether here or in eternity.

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      This has moved to the forefront of my Christian life over the past months. There is a power struggle in our church. Two factions have arisen. One side is the Deacons and member of the key leadership committees of the church. The other is a group of members even including some folks in leadership positions who are unhappy with decisions made by the Deacons and Nominating Committee. I have been forced to decide who to align mine and my wife’s leadership and with one of these groups. Both sides of the issues have made some mistakes so I needed wisdom to look beyond singular bad actions take and try to understand motives. In prayer God reminded me that is word reveals the motive of the heart (Heb. 4:13). The question then became, how can I determine which of these factions is really wise, because I want to align with Godly wisdom. Still in prayer it was a short trip to James 3:13-18. This scripture enable me to look at behaviors of the two faction and decide who was displaying bitter-envy and who was attempting to take the role of the peacemaker.

      So – 1. Prayer is critical 2. Go to God’s Word 3. Look at the track record and history of Godly credibility of the folks you align with.

      James 3:17-18 kjv “the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. 18 Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.” Align with folks who look like this!!

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      I think the most important part of this is following the witness of the Spirit. Does the Spirit indicate that despite how good something sounds, it is not good. Secondly to make sure we compare alliances with Biblical principles, the teachings of Jesus.

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      The Bible says know them that labor among you! Seek God for discernment an willingness to see what He’s showing you. Stay out my feeling ,they can make you run to someone you should be running away from.

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      Test these relationships with the scriptures. Do they live a life that mirror’s the word? Do they encourage you to follow the Lord? Do they have “fruit” hanging from their branches? Do they live their lives encouraging you to continue to walk with God, or walk away from Him.

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      To not align myself with unholy people , I ask God for the spirit of discernment . We must test the spirit by the spirit. This is the only way we can be sure we’re not befriending a wolf and not a sheep.

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      The best and truly only way to ensure I do not form unholy alliances in my personal and leadership position is to rely on God and His word to lead me. When I am thinking about making an alliance or someone comes to me want to align themselves with me I must go to the Lord in prayer and follow what He tells me to do. Whether I wanted to form that alliance or not, no matter what problems it may cause me if I don’t make that alliance I must follow God and do what he tells me to do.

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      To ensure that you do not form unholy alliances, I think one should be surrounded with a strong inner circle. An inner circle should contain mature Christians who are trustworthy. An inner circle should hold you accountable and speak wisdom into you. They should be able to praise your accomplished, but more importantly they should have the right to keep you on track and aligned with God’s word. If you surround yourself with a strong inner circle, then they can ensure that you only form holy alliances.

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      Be watchful and prayerful, but I also listen to godly counsel from elders I’ve known and trust.

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      Proud and selfies ambition, we must remember as leader we need to rise people not to make them down.

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      Stay in the Word. Stay in prayer.

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      Unholy alliances are alliances, connections, or relationships with others that are unacceptable to God and dangerous for us. Therefore, try to avoid alliances that are detrimental to ourselves and our leadership role:
      ‘Allies’ that Introduce Compromise and with some ulterior motives
      ‘Allies’ that Don’t Believe in God or Have Christ Jesus as Lord and seek to Turn Us away from God
      ‘Allies’ that insist on their religious practices before we commence any business/non-profit venture.
      Yes, we can be friends with unbelievers for the sake of reaching out to them and winning them to Christ. But beware of the spiritual war: either we belong to the Kingdom of Light or darkness.

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      To ensure I am do not form unholy alliances I have to be mindful to put God first. Ensuring that what I do in my personal life and leadership role I do to please God. If I am aware of who God is in all areas of my life I will not be tempted to please humans. Trying to please humans can lead down the path of linking with those who may have power or prestige but the Spirit of God is not in them.

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