What tends to be your goal in a conflict with your spouse? Has anything in this lesson changed your perspective on conflict?

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      I inherently always focus on being correct and that makes me forget about her feelings

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      I prefer not to have a conflict, but if it happens my goal will be to tray to solve it, which sometimes I think that my approach is not working effectively.
      It has touched some areas that I have to work on and improve in.

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      Alex ow yong

      Have mutual respect for each other. No need to get even or look at who is right and who is wrong. Any disagreement resolve it with love.

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      to be correct. listen over speaking

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      Probably I just want him to put a minimum effort at least in our relationship improvement

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      The goal in a conflict with a spouse can be return the conflict with a more peaceful resolution. The process is very important in conflict.

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      I used to always thInk that I should try to prove myself right. I would argue until I was blue in the face while my husband usually remains calm or walks away. He never used to do that but he does now. I guess I should say he defuses the situation. God has been working on my humility and patience and teaching me to avoid arguments. I’m seeing where my past behavior and actions are most of the problem in our marriage. My unmet needs may be met should I floow what God tells me His will is.

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      Conflict happens when both individuals try to be the victor in the problem by themselves, when they both must win together. The teaching regarding the two opposing attorneys is an excellent example of how awful it is for married couples to fight to win alone as an individual, instead of a win for their marriage.

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      While in conflict with my spouse my goal typically tends to be to win. Even become hurtful to my husband. This lesson is very helpful.

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      Many times my goal in a conflict is to be understood and to have my heart heard. I have learned from this lesson that I need to be able to change how I approach conflict. I also need to be aware and thoughtful towards my husband’s circumstances in the moment. I ultimately want to draw my husband closer to becoming a believer in Jesus by the way I respond to our conflicts. I also don’t want to intentionally do things to “get even” because of what I perceive as unfairness. My goal should be to diffuse conflict and in doing so help make my husband feel valued and respected.

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      Anthony Donaldson

      Honestly, my goal in a conflict situation with my wife is generally to get my point of view across and sometimes to prove that I am right. However, I have learned through this first lesson that its not always about winning an argument but understanding how the other person feels.

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      I think my goal is to win the argument and to be understood. I can see how this is not a great goal.

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      My goal in conflicts with my spouse is for both of us to feel our positions have been heard and understood and to come to a compromise that is beneficial to both. Knowing and recognizing each others signs of stress or conflict is very important in our marriage being healthy and peaceful. We have learned that actively communicating with each other is key to the well-being of our marriage.

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      Our Daily Bread
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