What went through your mind when Dr. Brand said, “I believe that Christians should not too frequently ask, ‘Why me?’ but ask the question ‘What now, Lord?’” Do you think that is realistic or unfair?

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      Asking the “why me” is a self-centered reaction and we are not in control. Asking “what now , Lord” shows Christian maturity realizing the need for God in each situation. If we are to develop trust in the Lord then this approach must become real.

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      As a believer in Christ, I do not think it is unfair, but as flawed human being, I have often said, “why me?” I do realize that in the moment it may seem a little unrealistic but with a little time, one must ask the “What now, Lord?” or one may have a hard time moving forward and realizing what God’s plan is for that circumstance

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      I usually start with “Why me!” As soon as I realize what I have said and the demands I am making of God, I repent and move to “Not my will, but thine be done, O Lord.”

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      In my life, I have realized that there is purpose behind everything that happens in my life. When we ask “Why me?” we sound like a victim, but because we are partakers with Christ, we should realize that every event has opportunity attached to it. While it can be challenging to continually have this approach, it is the right way of examining our lives.

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      It’s human nature to want to know the answer to why. We ask why as soon as we’re able to talk. Admin God “why me” isn’t going to change anything. Asking why isn’t going to help you feel better. Asking God “now what” will help us to continue to move forward.

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      I’ve heard others say it this same thing, not to ask why but what. I don’t think it’s wrong to ask “why.” Even Job asked God why. However, I don’t think we should get stuck on why.

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      Obviously What now is a better question, but we are human and we do want to understand why? I don’ t think God judges us for asking why especially if we journey with him until we can ask what now.

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      I do not believe that this is unfair. We need a change in our mindset sometimes. This would encourage to seek God and find a way to move forward in out faith and our relationship with God bring forth a new blessing of joy and happiness.

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      Yes I believe it is realistic because it makes me think of another question: what is there for me to learn, to do with this Lord? What is my purpose in this suffering Lord?

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      I don’t think it’s unfair. It can be realistic, but it is certainly challenging. If we can change our mindset to focus on the growth instead of the suffering, it becomes a lot easier.

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      It was a revelation to be honest and something that in intentionally want to do moving forward. What a powerful way to respond to multitude of troubles (big & small) we face each day.

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      This provided me with the though “yes, this is so true”. When we look at it this way it gives us responsibility for choices we make that may not have been what God had originally planned for us but because of our free will we went in that particular direction. Now we are not where we should be and God will work out his plan regardless. It’s not something God did but something he will work with us to overcome.

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      His question shows trust in God and His promises, that all things will work out for good. Asking “What now, Lord?” is realistic if we are going to have the fight mind set and heart for God.

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      As we know by now suffering if a product of our sinful nature. We should not ask “Why me Lord” , but use it was a jump off point to learn from the suffering and more about God.

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