“Whatever insight you give [another person] will not be life changing until he cooperates with the process of being explored.” Why is this true?

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      Because until a person owns up to their situation, they will not be changed. In other words, the spirit has to speak to their heart personally. If they are told what to do, the ownership or responsibility isn’t on them.

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      This is so true as many times what we can provide is nothing “new” under the sun and the other person may already been aware and just not ready to take action or be ready to respond. Unless they’re willing, nobody can force the other to change or step out their comfort zone (something familiar and at least they feel like they know what to expect or how to handle).

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      Absolutely. It’s no different than salvation… people can be presented with the truth, but choose to deny it. If a person isn’t interested in hearing what you have to say, or doesn’t believe it’s from God, they will not be changed or moved. They have to be ready to hear it for it to create change.

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      We have to discover it for ourselves. If I don’t own it as truth for myself, it is just someone else’s good idea but with no inner motivation on my part to actually change who I am or what I’m doing.

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      True! No one wants to change through gaining insight. Changes takes place only when a person is convicted that the change is compelled by a higher love – God Himself!

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      It will only be life changing when he or she wants to change, and bring it out in the open, only then can a person be fully healed. If a person does not want to change then there will be no progress of change. The person wants to be fully cooperative to change must be able to face his or her issues. The journey in Soul Care is Christ-centered and the Holy Spirit can change a person’s heart and work through the process of change, this can be a life changing journey.

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      If the other person is not cooperating with the process of being explored, they are still hiding. People who focus their energy on hiding can’t be found, until they are willing to. They have to ask and allow the spirit of God to search them and show them themselves. Another person can not do that for them.

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      In order for someone to have a life changing experience during soul care they need to see for themselves what the Spirit is revealing, not what you tell them. They have to see it for themselves in the depth of their soul. We do the process of exploring and the Spirit does the process of revealing.

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