When a person decides to trust Christ, a number of wonderful things begin in his life. Can you identify three of them? What are they? Have you experienced them?

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      You are a new creation with new hope and a family of like minded individuals

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      1. They begin to know for the first time in their lives what it means to be genuinely forgiven and have mercy and grace given to them.
      2. The begin a relationship with Christ.
      3. They are introduced to a family of other believers that will walk along side of them.

      I have experienced each of these, but the on that stands out is the 3rd because as someone who has moved around a lot I’ve had to leave these “families” and it has sometimes been hard to find a new family. Thankfully God has always connected me with new families, but there have been some harder times mixed in there that helped make me realise how important it is to have other believers to walk along side of me.

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      Karla Joy

      When we choose to accept Jesus as our Saviour, our lives will change. We begin to understand what it means to be forgiven and loved. We will start extending that love to others, and before we know it we are imitating Jesus- and becoming more “Christ like” and we are more forgiving of others, because we develop understanding that we are sinners too, and we start extending that grace and message of the new found peace we have discovered. Then… we are sowing the fruit of the spirit. Others will “see” Jesus through us, and I would pray that all Christians would seek to be soul winners for Jesus. Jesus is the only way , He is the truth. I pray we all will seek after His Truth, and come to have a personal relationship with Him.

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      We know what it is like to be truly forgiven and to have grace and mercy. I have some experience of this.
      We have companionship and friendship with God through good times and bad times. We are never alone. I have definitely experienced this.
      We have other believers for support, strength, and encouragement. I have many Christian friends that have been supportive and who I support. This is a huge blessing when things get difficult.

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      Our Daily Bread
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