Where do you see examples of the three schools of philosophy discussed in this lesson (the Epicureans, the Stoics, and the Cynics) in the world today?

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      I think these three examples of philosophies are still seen today. The Epicureans are always seeking out short-term pleasures. They want things done now, and they want the best at that time. They most likely aren’t think about the future. There are many people and different generations that tend to have this mindset. Stoics seemed to be a little more future minded, but lean towards taking away any pleasures in order to live as “healthy” as possible, without overindulging. Today, we may see this with those who are more liberal in their political approach, as they may tend to believe that taking care of the body can result in the best life possible. The Cynics would be comparable to hippies or those who do not tend to take care of themselves, but would rather have someone else do this for them.

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      David Huffman

      I also think we see signs of all of them today. I think epicureans are common, especially the yolo attitude of you only live once, in the youth of America. You see the stoics in much of liberal America in trying to train body and mind to solve the ills of society.

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      I believe we see traces, if not all out evidence of all three philosophies active in the world today. Oddly, some Christian denominations seem to have elements of all three schools of thought. With the present political climate, many try to get what they can, try to appease others or fall into line particularly with regard to their relationship to nature, or bring a bold but misguided presence into representation. If one compares worship styles or doctrinal overviews in churches today, there may be some sharp contrasts that can be inviting, but not Biblically solid.

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      The Epicureans seem like a bunch who would be all for the adventure, those who like to live it up and enjoy a good time. The Stoics were a strict crew who made sure they had control over their bodies and desires. The Cynics could be described as the hippies of their days.

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      Like the Epicureans, many people today have no belief in an after life, or judgement seat, they belief that life is to be lived for pure enjoyment of oneself. Stoics on the other hand are those, not necessarily believing in God, but nevertheless seek to live a more temperate lifestyle, and become obsessed with healthy living, avoiding any excesses.
      Cynics today are those that perhaps see no purpose in life, and criticise any kind of philosophical belief.

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      The Epicureans might be those people in society today that seem to live only for the here and now. They value pleasure and self and live to satisfy their earthly desires rather than having their mind focused on things above that actually satisfy.

      The Stoic people of today, while still a disciplined people, might be the ones who care too much about outward appearance and not about the inward matters of the heart. By focusing too much on what is good for the body they forget to take care of their mind and heart.

      The Cynics of the world today are those who want someone else to do the work, but they would like to be the beneficiary of that work. They will do for themselves only what they have to and believe the government should take care of the rest.

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      The epicureans are the “yolo” (you only live once) people who are more concerned about this present time, which in itself it is not wrong Christ Himself say to not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough problem on its own. Matthew 6:34 The problem is that they use the present time to satisfy their earthly desires, their flesh which is so against what Christ taught us. It is not living for us, but living for Him what matters. Seeking to feel the void that we have after the fall for things that are seen will never satisfy that emptiness, it may do but only for a moment. It is not a permanent satisfaction.

      While the stoics are the people who trust in their own strength. They understand that living for the moment to the extremes of the epicureans is dangerous to their health. I feel they are the self-help books people, the vegans or people that are super concern about their physical health.

      And finally we can see the cynics in movements that have recently aroused through the US. People that care very little for their well-being and want others to sustain them, as accoruding to them it is their well-being its the responsibility of someone else. They seek a lack of government and the destruction of their institutions and organizations. We can even mention a need for anarchy.

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      Today’s non-believers of the gospel do not consider reserving time and allegiance to one true God and His word, therefore they only focus on the things of this life, which include living only for the day by eating, drinking and partying. As for the Stoics, there are people today who are self indulged in the body and refuse to challenge the mind and heart; never realizing that the body is but dust and will return to the earth. With the Cynics, there are people today who won’t believe anything other than what they can see. Instead of depending on God for their sustenance, they depended on man; and there are people in this world today that also depend on the man (government) for their livelihood.

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      Epicureans are found in those who celebrate life and seek to live it to the fullest, even if at times extreme. They were stated as those in the arts of today.

      Stoics are those who deny all forms of pleasure in an attempt to not overindulge. They are pantheists.

      Cynics are like the hippies: taking care of the body only as much as is required for survival, therefore freeing up energy to tap into the deeper spiritual aspects of life.

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      Epicurean is seen in art, theatre, compositions, meals. Stoics is seen in man’s pleasure that dims pain. Cynics are considered hippies, vagabonds and beggars.

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      Our Daily Bread
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