Where do you see God’s faithfulness to His people and His covenant with them demonstrated in 2 Samuel? Explain.

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      In II Samuel we see that God is faithful to Himself and His promises. God promised that He would use David to rescue his people from the Philistines and from all their enemies. David was given victory wherever he went. David was able to finish the conquest of Canaan by capturing Jerusalem which eventually would become the city of God. The Lord declared that He would make David a house. God used David’s offspring, Solomon, to make a house for Himself. Despite the fact that David, as Israel’s leader sinned, God was still faithful to bring from David’s bloodline the promised Messiah that would rescue the world from their sin.

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      Gods faithfulness to keep His promise of an everlasting kingdom , being Christ, was fulfilled as we presently know .
      Gods faithfulness was demonstrated throughout Davids life through mistakes and mishaps forgiving over and over. God had the end results in mind David able in the end to take Jerusalem . City of the Great king.
      Christ being that King

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      God continues to hand over the Promised Land to the Israelites, in spite of their insistence on having a king. He is going to use a king they did not expect to be successful to lead the people in a great way, ultimately giving them the Promised Land territory that slowly lost during the time of the Judges. God shows himself as a redeemer which he promised to be through the creation of the Davidic covenant – hope of the coming and perfect Messiah.

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