Which of the four lessons discussed in this lecture challenges you most? Why?

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      You can lead but be an irrelevant leader. Not following God’s heart can make what we do irrelevant.

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      An irrelevant leader , one who lacks in bringing substantial meaning in the unfolding of life. Who’s heart has no enthusiasm for the things that really matter. Often I am without the words to say and realize I am insignificant in conversation but in reality presence brings validation in consensus even when the timely fitting words seemly are fleeting in the moment. The occasion becomes a reliance on the Lord to bring wisdom to mind in an exercise of faith and being committed to presenting self to Him in day to day and moment by moment service. The fear is have lived and not brought the relevance to those closest to me with words of encouragement or warmth. To be dismissed in the brevity of life as irrelevant would be devastating. Yet I often fall short and feel irrelevant and realize the need to look the to One who fills those voids and bridges vitally in my todays and tomorrows. There is hope in Him when leading looks more like leaning. The idea of being propped up by someOne greater than ourselves seems so foreign and oh so foolish intellectually.

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      David challenges me – The realization that God placed a leadership mantle on me as a youth. My entire life has been a growth path to be the leader at work, in my home , in my community and in my church that God has intended me to be. As early as 12 he placed me in a SS class where the teacher was a new christian. Most weeks I lead the class simply because the teacher did not yet really know scripture. I found out many years later he was depending on me. In my home God has given me a wonderful Christian wife and we have lead a Christian home together. This is because God has place the leadership mantel on us and we have submitted to his will. My wife and I have held nearly every lay-leadership position in the Church over the years and have led effectively because God has equipted us to lead as we seek Him – like David. The real challenge is when he has called us to lead when we do/did not want to lead. Even then God has controlled every situation just like he did for David as David submitted to the Lord and let His will reign.

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      The benefits of leadership can do anything, I had a crew of four women who work under me we all are christians, at first this was working they did what I told them then the back bittng started then down right lies they call told the boss I was being pushy an bossy whatever my boss told me to tell these ladies I told them but they seemed to think it was coming from me tell it got to the point where I was dismissed I asked myself an God what did I do wrong?, For two years everything was fine I think because I had more an our boss would do extra thing with the client and I jealousy came in . I got money bonuses because I would taker care of some of his other clients an not get paid but he would bonus me I would asks the group could you go check on someone they go maybe once or twice but I went on the regular to me that’s what God made me for I’m a caregiver so one more person isn’t anything to add! I left that job hurt but God gave me better .

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      God put leaders in place for a reason.
      Due to my personal desire not to be in leadership positions and finding myself in them anyway is the most challenging for me.
      I have gone through most of my life going with the flow. I know God has more for me in leadership in my home and family. I am currently unemployed and I trust God has a reason for this as well as He has been faithful for providing employment and provision for my family. I trust that He will lead me now.

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      Ishbosheth. Because I’ve been thrown in leadership positions that I was not ready for or had a clue on how to lead. Enjoyed the fruits of leadership and was taken out of leadership by the very ones who put me in that position. Now, after taking this course, I recognize that I am a leader and how I am to lead where to get my guidance from.

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      2. You Can Lead, But Be An Ineffectual Leader: I am challenged by this because of my failures to lead as a SCS for USPS in Hankinson, North Dakota, USA. I think I have learned from my mistakes, and hopefully – God willing – I can be a level 17 again someday, and then a level 18 Postmaster.

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      It’s a challenge to hear “You can lead but be an irrelevant leader.” As a teacher, I lead a group of students on a daily basis. I guide not just the content that we are learning, but how to frame that content with a biblical worldview. In my experience, I know that it is the lessons that have relevance to students’ lives that make a bigger impact. So, as I lead, I want to be relevant not just in what I am leading students to do and learn, but in HOW I am leading them.

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      Lesson #4 – the benefits of leadership can blind you. Sometimes when people tell me I have done a good job on a Sunday School lesson or during a Wednesday night Prayer Meeting I want to take all the credit. The pats on the back, people coming to me for answers on Bible verses or things they don’t understand sometimes gives me a feeling of superiority if I am not careful. I have to make sure that I put God front and center and always realize that I could not teach in any way that would be meaningful if were not for Him leading me and showing the mysteries of His word. I have to keep in mind that just as He put me in a leadership role He can just as easily take me out of it if my pride becomes too big of a problem.

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      The lesson that challenged me most was Saul. So often I find myself falling victim to society and trying to keep up with the pressures of “this Earth”. For example, when I look at my house all I see is “I want new windows”, “the kitchen is out of date”, “our carpet is full of stains”. When in actuality, I should be giving thanks to God that He has provided a home for my family to live and make memories is. As as I get caught up in my “wants”, I take power into my own hands. If I work hard and make more money, then I can afford upgrades to my house. Or, If I sacrifice time with my children, then I can complete home projects on my home. Similarily, Saul got blinded by his own “wants” of wanted to be liked by his people instead of fearing God and ruling to His authority. Ultimately, Saul “died for his unfaithfulness” 1 Chron. 10 v: 13. I am challenged by Saul and to not repeat his same mistakes. Even though my imediate consequence might not be death, I will suffer from missing out on God’s teachings and blessings. My blinders and worldy wants will inhibit me from experiencing God’s ultimate freedom and delight.

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      I think the one that challenges me the most is #2, the possibility of becoming irrelevant. Questions I try to ask myself routinely are things like: “Am I willing to do what I ask others to do?” or “Is my action real or does it come from a high and lofty place that is fake?” or “Am I showing others how to live a life that Christ would be honored by?” If I am willing to live right and real before others, I may inspire others to follow a similar path in ministry. If not, what will happen is the death of all of it. I want people to be inspired to get involved, to see Christians grow, and ultimately to see the unsaved come to Christ!

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      Solomon. He was wise because he asked God to be. He made wrong choices and bad decisions because he was a human. I learn from this, that being human does not excuse my sin nor validate my errored ways. It challenges me to remain focused on God’s goodness and my desire to please Him in all I do and think. It is in Him I breath and move and have my being, and I oath to make a joyful noise telling all of His love. I seek not to operate with the wisdom God equips me with in vain, but rather in integrity of the Holy Spirit.

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      Pia Turner

      Lesson#3 Really challenges me to help make things better. And lead with God’s vision.

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      Lesson #3, When you have God’s heart, you can achieve amazing things.
      One of the qualities of good leadership is that you must lead with God’s heart. The example quoted in the lesson is King David because he is a man after God’s own heart.
      As a church leader and a corporate leader, sometimes we must make a difficult decision affecting others. We must pray for the difficult decision and let God guide us to make the optimum decision. We should inspire our brothers and sisters, especially during the pandemic, and don’t let them lose hope despite the difficult situation.

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      Lesson 1: I realize that God places us in situations that sometimes can be hard to deal with, like in years past I’ve been in job positions where God wanted to use me to win those around me to Him. Sometimes it’s not so apparent until you’re out of the situation. There’s been times that I’ve become angered, because God placed me in a job that I didn’t want to be in. It can be very challenging, but I need to put my faith in God, that He’ll pull me through, which He always does.

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