Which of your own private hurts might God be able to use to minister to others?

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      A broken marriage .

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      Sickness and loneliness

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      Shiny grace

      When the stress and strain of life hurt me , the word of God brought me peace. I have learnt that His word alone can give us peace and calm in the midst of challenging times . Now I can confidently share with others the solution to live a stress free life.

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      When all my friends in University were able to find graduate scheme jobs I was not able to. I attended 18 interviews but I didn’t get through. I was afraid of the future and I felt very sick with anxiety. I prayed and trusted in the Lord. The Lord opened the doors for me and attended an interview where 1000s of students were doing the open interview and I was the one among the shortlisted 400 for the interview. Eventually I attended two more rounds of the same interview and I heard only around 100 candidates out of 1000s were selected. I was selected for the job. I thank and praise God. I find this marvellous thing in my life as a wonderful testimony.

      I questioned myself and God about when I would get a job but in the process I became anxious. After praying, I was guided by the Lord to listen to Him and understand the promise and commitment. The Lord helped me understand the ways I can prepare for the interview and get the job. All glory to God.

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      I have been abused verbally by others in the workplace and the church due to some misunderstandings. Despite this painful verbal assault, God has been able to caution me against uttering the same abusive languages to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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      Our Daily Bread
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