Why do insightful interpretation or firm confrontation not accomplish the real work of SoulCare? What is wrong with the interpretive and the accountability models? What does accomplish SoulCare?

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      Insightful interpretation or firm confrontation addresses the issue, but not the ‘motivator’ to desire change. As a saying goes, “we can bring the cow to the water, but we cannot make the cow drink the water.”
      Both are useful as tools of understanding, but not agent for change. It may probably bring about a superficial behaviour re-arrangement, but lacks the provision of the New Covenant – a vision of new purity, new heart, new spirit, new power to desire a greater Love, to permit Him to prune and be fruitful. Soulcare is coming alongside the work of the Holy Spirit, and be the friend of the Bridegroom.

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      Insightful interpretation and/or firm confrontation do not accomplish the real work of SoulCare because they do not address the core disease in our soul. The real work of soul care is accomplished by a certain kind of relating in which the deepest appetite of the soul for God is stirred. Trying to figure out what is wrong with people (interpretive) or focusing on holding people accountable is no the key to change. Helping them figure out what to do or arrange reinforcers and punishers to get them to do what we think is best ignores the power of the New Covenant .

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      Insightful interpretation and firm confrontation do not accomplish the real work of Soul Care because the focus is on you and what you are doing. The focus in these two models is on what is wrong with you. These two models do not follow the direction of the Spirit as we do in Soul Care.

      The soul care focus is a way of relating that is always on what the Spirit is doing, not on what you have done. Soul care follows the lead of the Spirit in what He is doing, what He wants to do and releases a passion of grace that stirs the work of the Spirit from my soul to yours revealing what the Spirit is doing. Soul care is focused on the work of the Spirit.

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