Why do many people today reject the idea of eternal punishment, instead preferring to believe in a loving God who will receive all into His presence after death? What do you think is the basis for their beliefs? From a biblical perspective, why are they wrong?

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      Some people expect that since he is all powerful then nothing bad will happen however, that is not the case. Of course, who wants to believe there will be an eternal punishment, I think we can all agree we would like our punishments to be as quick and painless as possible. Though in the bible we clearly see that hell is real and if your name isn’t in the book of life then you are in serious trouble.

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      Some people say let me see this God and HIs wonderful love and then I will believe, or they think by good works and just going to church will save them. Because you have to have a strong relationship with Him, and surrender everything to Him, and make Him first in your life and do what He has told us to do.

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      You would have to belief is eternal punishment, not to reject it. People don’t belief is eternal punishment or eternal life. They belief that when you die that’s it. The basis for their belief is that they believe what the media and science tells them. They are wrong because God has promises that if you don’t believe in Him that you will suffer for eternity and you will do it alone.

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      People hope for the best, it’s painful and hard to think of eternal punishment, UT ignoring the situation isn’t the answer. They are wrong because Jesus gave up his life for us, He warns us of what will happen to those who don’t follow him. Apart from God is damnation

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