Why do those who are anti-religious seem to be unaware of their own exercise of faith? What rationalizations might secular people use to defend their views?

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      People tend to generalize faith as what deity and set of morals you believe in. So when people hear this word they think of big picture things instead of small everyday things. Some of the things mentioned in the video (having faith in medicine you take, having faith in traffic laws being obeyed, etc.) are all things that we have been subjected to since we were very young. At this point, that exertion of faith may seem so rote that they do not even realize it as faith.

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      Anti-religious people don’t realize that their “lack of faith” is actually a faith. They may not want to believe in anything because they want their own freedom and they view having faith as being restrictive. They don’t want to delve into the idea of whether there is a God because they want to pursue what they want and they don’t want to think about the here and after. They may say that there isn’t proof in God and stop there because they don’t want to be convinced otherwise.

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      Anti- religious people also have faith that there is no God, because they also cannot prove that there is no God. The rationalization that secular people might use to defend their views is that creation cannot be proven and we can’t see God so how do people know He exist.

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      I believe faith in things are just except or expected to happen. People are caught in their own lives to actually take time a sit to think about what they really believe in. Everyone expects to breathe, it comes naturally, it’s not something we have to work for. This one example of what I mean. People don’t sit and think or worry about breathing it just happens, it’s a blind faith.

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      Individuals with secular views try to separate their anti religious views from their own views of the world around them. Although the reality is that, that very belief is a form of faith.

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      I believe people who claim to be anti-religious consciously or subconsciously want to live by their own rules and for their own purpose. The claim might allow them to feel free from commitment, obligation, morality, guilt, and duty.
      They will often say that is no way to prove that there is a God, that Jesus existed, and that there is a reason to live by such rules or standards. They might not believe that there is life after death and that their actions and decisions go beyond their short existence on earth. They might also claim that they know “good” and “bad” Christians, so it doesn’t really matter either way.

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      Marquelle Dais

      People who are anti-religious dont seem to understand that they themselves believe in something that they cannot prove to be true with substance but still have faith in it. Within that understanding is the idea that they are exercising what they believe in and showing it to others in their life’s which is the essence of faith itself. Secular people may use the idea that God explains to only listen to his works and not poison your mind with negative thoughts and actions.

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      Some feel that there is no need for a God but that perhaps laws have developed without guidance or direction and our world came about with no personal impetus or cause and what they do or do not do is a result of learning passed down from generations of observing the world and man. If the anti-religious become aware of their expectations through faith, they would have to acknowledge that some higher power is universally running things.

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      I think the ability to exercise faith is hardwired into us humans. The very exercise of faith in God, powered by the Holy Spirit, comes from Him. If unbelievers don’t really recognize they exercise faith, its easier for them to try to justify God doesn’t exist or their unbelief in Him.

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      They seem unaware of their exercise of faith because if they are honest with themselves and recognize the level of their faith, they will have to come to terms with what they have faith in. Secular people constantly use science to defend their “lack of faith”. But since science is just man’s observations of the physical world, science is inherently limited to man. Therefore faith is beyond science.

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