Why do you need to receive SoulCare while you are providing SoulCare? Who fills that role for you?

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      We can’t serve out of an empty tank.
      A few good friends fill that role for me.

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      It is important to receive soulcare while providing soulcare because we can only give what is being offered to us. My small group at my church provides soulcare to me. We are a group of four ladies who meet monthly and we intentionally share about our lives and offer questions, feedback, and prayer to eachother. This has provided a tremendous opportunity for growth in my spiritual life and I often find myself coming away from these soulcare conversations with a deeper awareness of who I am and how I am relating to life in either healthy or unhealthy ways. The extent to which we are aware of our own need of Jesus Christ is the extent to which we are able to offer care to another.

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      I need to receive SoulCare while providing SoulCare because like every other human, I am a hot mess. I need the voice of reason and love another person who is totally dependent on God, not afraid of me or trying to please me. My friend fills that role for me. She pauses and makes it clear that she needs to pray and seek God’s wisdom before talking to me and asks me questions that sometimes leave me silent.

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