Why do you think geography has been given so little attention by Bible readers?

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      The community of believer has missed the interaction between geography and the stories that took place in the Bible in favor of the application of the stories and not how the geography enhances and sets the stage for the stories. What richness of the Bible we miss when we do this.

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      I don’t think we realize how much it can add to our understanding of the Bible and the deeper meaning it can give.

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      Because we are never taught about the geography of the Bible and it takes longer to study if you have to dig out the geography. But you might be missing a lot of the meaning if you do not know the geography just like with the scratch plow. Because of how it is made, if you hit a rock you can break the plow and your planting season is over so you do not dare look Back

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      1) We are biased by where, current events, and the current thought preference of process, so we assume everything with our perspective,
      2) We tend to like action and not having time to look at the environment, digging in in to the history of the place, and thinking about what shapes the people of the land,
      3) We have not visited Israel,
      4) Not too many teachers talk about it…
      5) and like how this question is rightfully framing it…it is the last thing on our priority list (if we have one).

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      So many teachers/preachers/laymen have missed the interaction between geography and the stories that took place in the geography in favor of the application of the stories

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      When reading the bible, we are more focused on exploring the teachings and principles it wants to convey. Thus, geography is of secondary importance, and it will not affect its meaning. For example, the conversation between Jesus and a Samaritan woman. Most will think that its geography will not contribute significantly to our understanding of the passage.

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