Why do you think that both solitude and community are necessary for spiritual formation to occur?

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      Solitude is necessary for being in sync with God’s Spirit. Reading the Word, studying it, praying through it and to the Creator all open the door wider for a deeper relationship with God. Community is where life is shared, where believers can be honest about doing life together. It’s where other like minded people can offer knowledge, assistance and assist you to walk through difficult times. Most importantly, it’s where you can become transparent in smaller settings. Both are necessary for growth and change to take place.

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      In solitude I meet God in a personal way that I cannot with other people around me. I have experienced meaningful one on one revelations with God in times of solitude. But in community I am stirred toward more. Others invite me to hunger after more of God by the fragrance of Christ in them.

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      Both solitude and community are necessary for spiritual formation to occur as in solitude, we feel the presence of God. We can focus on our own issues, emotions and experience the work of God on our own lives. As we are all body of Christ, being in the community will enable us to hold each other accountable. Our interaction and communication shall allow us to be truly honest with each other, to help each other on the daily walk with God and enjoy His togetherness with us.

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      We are the body of Christ, we are made for community. We need to interact, carry each other’s burdens, lift one another up. But we also need time with the Lord alone and in the quiet, to hear him and to be close to him. That is how we will be able to know the work of the Spirit in our own lives, when we take the time to connect with the Lord on our own.

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      In community we are able to be challenged to think about what God may be up to in our lives. Stimulated to have the Holy tension which cause us to recognize we are not where we ought to be or where God desires us to be. We need solitude to reflect and hear the still small voice of the Spirit and to make the decision to let Him move us closer to where He desires us to be.

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      In solitude you can discuss with yourself your true feelings about a subject and have an answer ready.

      In relationships you can learn and evaluate and process the available responses to the question

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      Definitely, both solitude and community are necessary for spiritual formation to occur. Loving the LORD God with all of our heart, should and mind takes solitary prayer, both speaking from the heart and listening (Matt. 5), learning, and meditating on His Word. To love our neighbor as ourselves takes both interaction with them and the Spirit of God beyond our ability.

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      In solitude, a sacred space is created to encounter God; allowing the Spirit of God to do His deepest work under the authority of His Word.
      In a community, through spiritual formation conversations, there is a stirring tension of who I truly long to be, that requires God’s provision to move forward.

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      Both are needed to develop your relationship with the trinity, Personal solitude helps you relate to God personally and evaluate and change your own reality journey, and then community helps you see dynamic of change ands works of the spirit not only in the individuals you meet with but then also in yourself. In many ways demonstrating the relationship of the Trinity, inviting you into the same.

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      The process of spiritual formation requires solitude and community. In solitude, the practice of spiritual disciplines creates space for the Spirit to do HIs deepest work. In solitude, you most directly encounter God under the authority of His Word. Certain things can happen in solitude in spiritual formation that happen better in solitude than in community.

      In community, conversations take place that can be powerful and effective. A holy tension can be stirred between people that allows them to be vulnerable with how they are and how they truly long to be with God’s provisions moving them forward.

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