Why do you think the Feeding of the Five Thousand is the only miracle of Jesus that appears in all four Gospels? Explain your thoughts.

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      In this miracle, Jesus not only feeds thousands literally but also figuratively. I believe this event appears in all four Gospels not only due to the sheer number of people but also the effect he had on them. First he produced food from an unbelievable small amount of food. That alone would be astounding and demand the attention of even the most doubtful. After fulfilling their physical needs, Christ fed their souls. The wisdom and love he showed to the multitudes would be further proof of his amazing wonderfulness.

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      As stated in the previous discussion question, the magnitude of producing really from nothing, an abundance was paramount in importance to these people as the manna and quail received in the desert was to those wandering in the wilderness so many centuries before. It makes total sense that all the gospels reflect two things in Jesus’ nature… one, His love and concern for their welfare and health, and two, knowing they would most likely listen to what He had to say from that moment forward because if someone did something of that magnitude, they must have a power beyond that of a normal human. All the gospel writers, whether present or not would have noted the magnitude of the event. It would have been hard to ignore it, but it is interesting that Jesus does this again with 4,000+ but it is not nearly as recognizable.

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      Perhaps this is because it is the only miracle Jesus performed which fulfilled the purpose of each gospel writer. John wrote for the purpose of revealing Jesus as the incarnate Son of God sent to reveal the Father and bring eternal life to those who believe in him. This miracle reveals God’s heart of compassion and Jesus as the good shepherd fully capable of providing for his sheep. Matthew wrote to the Jews to present Jesus as the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament. This miracle included the reference to Moses and the manna from heaven told about in the Old Testament. Mark is here presenting Jesus as a servant who cares for the needs of everyone. Luke may have included this miracle to show how Jesus had authority over natural laws.

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