Why is a biblical basis for understanding people crucial in developing a spiritual paradigm for SoulCare?

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      We are created in the image of God. We are fearfully and wonderfully made to glorify God. To bypass and ignore this biblical reality only creates band aids that can never address the spiritual beings that we are.

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      Our guide for wisdom that is revealed in the Bible will give direction on how to treat others, what cautions to look for and how to understand and make good decisions. In summary, the Bible is our guide and must be used in a spiritual paradigm.

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      Must see people as God sees them

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      As believers, when we acknowledge Christ and his dealings with us and others, he did not judge. He was kind, compassionate and forgiving. We learn from his teachings to win others over in love, by speaking the truth in love. One of many examples in the Bible such as the Samaritan women at the well. He told her about her life , which in turn caused her to change her lifestyle and share the Gospel with others. This is how we are to also relate to others.

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      God’s Word shows us who people are & how they primarily respond to God & to others. The Bible reveals the truth about man & how much we need God but refuse to acknowledge that truth. When we trust God & His Word, we begin to understand our world & the people in it. That kind of revelation free us from self or pharmaceutical dependence & waits upon a loving & mighty God to work a miracle in someone, inspire of the turmoil we see & hear.

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      Because it is the source, the ultimate source, for truth, provided to us by the Creator. Who can know us better and give us better instructions insights and wisdom.

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      Our foundation of life flows out of faith & his grace to understand it. The one who created us knows all about us, he knows what we need, how we need it, & when we need it. the bible & its truth is the foundation that we build upon. from there we receive insight & holy spirit’s power to discern how to care for someone else.

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      A biblical perspective is critical to give us insight into understanding others as we are being created to seek out for God and can only be satisfied when we have healthy relationship with Him. Whatever spiritual excitement people claim that they achieved not building upon God words will be short lifted. Their souls will never be contented and people will end up in vicious cycles of emptiness and searches.

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      It is crucial to have a Biblical understanding of people for SoulCare. Where the world says you don’t matter, the Bible says you are made in the image of God. Where the world says you just gotta wonder your way through life, God says I know the plans I have for you. Where the world has no answers, the word Of God says to put you hope in the one with all answers. Having this Biblical understanding completely reframes the way we view every individual.

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      People are so much more than simply cells and matter. We are created in the image of our Creator, and our souls are where He abides. If we deduce problems to merely physical, or all spiritual, we miss the soul where passion and pain is real. This is the center of humans, where God motivates and redeems us.

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      Without the Bible we are just depending on ourselves and human reason to understand and address our problems. If we believe that we are beings created by God then we must believe that He knows us best and knows what we need. How do we hear from Him? The Bible is HIs communication to us. Thus we need to know what the Bible says is true about us and the teachings He gives that when followed make life work best.

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      If we want to develop a Christain spiritual paradigm for SoulCare, then a biblical understanding of people is vitally necessary in order to even have the ability to do so. The Bible is our “instruction manual” for life, so to speak. We will need to seek God and His Word to give us direction/instruction on how to care for His creation.

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      The paradigms that do not include the soul or spirit are surface and do not get to the deeper part of a person. The Spirit comes when we are born again and makes something in us alive that was not there before. That Spirit needs to be born in us and to grow in order to have a life that is true (Jesus is the Way, The Truth and the Life) and abundant (John 10:10)

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      Science cannot measure the soul, and thus only measures biology and chemical reactions through instruments, physiology through function, and, at most, experience through qualitative data and interviews. The Bible is what allows us to take hold of what cannot be measured, that poses the religious questions that science does not have the space to ask. Even New Age beliefs are rooted primarily in experience, in self-ishness- you do things in order to feel good. The Bible accounts for suffering, the gap between God and man, and the paradigm that a person can develop the grit to glorify God with their life even in the face of death and chaos.

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      If we don’t have a biblical basis then our thoughts, words, and actions are our own instead of the Holy Spirit’s. It also then becomes self-care and not soul-care.

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      How can we understand the spirit/soul without looking to the creator? There is no other way. We must always use the scriptures as our foundation, as the place we begin, to shape the view of our world and the way we understand how God is working in our lives. We cannot separate Biblical principals from our understanding of our spirits.

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      We are made in the image of God – body, soul and spirit. Beneath the physical body is the human spirit and soul.
      SoulCare is holistic in its approach. We treat the physical to build a milieu for meaningful mind/soul talk.

      The human spirit is an element given to men in order to enable them to know God intimately through a genuine relationship. Our human spirit is what connects us with God. So to be connected with God is to be alive spiritually (Ephesians 2:5; Romans 6:11; John 5:24) while to be disconnected from God is to be dead spiritually (Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:1; Colossians 2:13). Our human spirit is the element through which the Spirit of God dwells in us after being regenerated by Him (Romans 8:15-16; 1 John 2:20).
      The spiritual paradigm shifts us to take a inner look at, in the light of what the Bible says, to guide our visions and decides our response.

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      The Bible is the instruction book for us on how, what, when, who, why, where of living out a life that is glorifying unto God. Until we know who we are in Christ, we will be trapped under the power of the prince of this world. We are all spiritual beings. And so we turn to the book of truth to set ourselves free from sin in the sanctification process by the Holy Spirit.

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      We worship the One who mysteriously and wonderfully created the human body and the soul. These two are intricately woven together, and thus one inherently shapes the other. John Calvin speaks to this in his institutes, to know the Lord more deeply is to open the door where by one may discover the self more deeply. Without a proper and well informed understanding of who God is, it is impossible to know and show adequate care for another’s soul. Scripture speaks to the deepest longings and desires of the human soul, and shows us that God longs to shepherd and nurture us, often times through the spiritual companionship and caregiving of another. Scripture also reveals to us the cause of our inner world brokenness, as well as lead us to the source of all healing, the one who is our Wounded Healer.

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      The Word of God has the truthful revelation about the root problem of humankind and that is needed to journey back to making our souls whole. That journey can only be mapped and followed through the revelation of the Holy Spirit which truly only reveals himself in the Word. That guidance helps us restore the soul by letting him move in our relationships with each other and the trinity.

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      With no biblical basis the real underlying issue, that is the soul issue, would not be dealt with. The focus would either be on physical/chemical or psychological,to the exclusion of the soul problem. It would be focused on self rather than God.

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