Why is it important for us to organize our Bibles not only chronologically and theologically but also geographically?

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      So we can develop better understanding and have connotations of the geographical locations

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      If we do not look at the geography we may fail to notice or respond appropriately to the geographical clues that the biblical authors left behind to link together the stories chronologically and theologically.

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      By organizing our Bibles geographically we see how events that occurred years, decades or even centuries apart but in the same place or in places very close to each other relate to each other and can help us see how they relate to each other.

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      It is important to bring the Scriptures together which have common geographical settings because we can link together stories that are widely separated from one another in time or hundreds of pages apart in where they appear in our Bible. If we organize our Bible geographically, we will be able to identify and interpret those Bible events that have a relationship to one another.

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      It allows us to learn about all the events that have happened in a particular area at different times. It gives us another way of learning all the Bible has to teach us.

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      It’s important to organize our Bibles chronologically, theologically, and geographically. By organizing in this way, we are able to get a much clearer understanding of what has been written.

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      Geographical arrangement allows us not to be confined by the chronology and other way of organizing the bible. Many events at different times that happened at the same place definitely give us a huge clue of the completeness of the stories related to it. It may even help us to better understand the theology, and who God was and our relationship with Him and all the thing that He wants us to understand.

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      We need to organize our Bibles geographically because it enables us to connect an event or story that lives far apart from one another by using another categorization method. For example, the ancient area of Shechem was where Abraham came to learn about the Promised land. After years later, Joshua, together with the Israelites, came back to the same place, encouraging the Israelites to remain faithful to the Lord. Joshua said: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

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