Why is it important in small groups that we agree about a common purpose that grips our hearts and that releases an incredibly deep spiritual passion within our souls?

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      The common purpose of the small group bonds people together in their relationship as they have the same passion in keeping it alive and well. They will be guardians to each other, assist each other to over come obstacles and grow deeper in their spiritual walks as they nurture the common purpose.

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      There has to be a high level of transparency in any such arrangement. People need to know what the ground rules are and whether they are prepared to commit to a shared vision. As this situation involve a lot of sharing and being vulnerable, you cannot have a rotating-door type arrangement where people come and go as they please; there has to be whole-hearted commitment to the group and the purposes of God in every member of the group.

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      It’s important because Jesus promised that when we do this, he will supernaturally show up. He will ensure miraculous spiritual formation in each of us.

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      We agree in small groups about a common purpose that it is Christ centered and that people feel safe to share within the group. There are rules within a group that we must all abide by, and a safe place where things are shared and discussed. If a person disagrees with the group then it makes it harder for others to share and trust when it comes to soul searching. In order to share deep spiritual passion with our souls, the group needs to understand trust and confidentiality in a group setting.

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      A common purpose shows that we have a purpose and it is aware to, agreed to and accepted by all the members. Not by force or pressure. No deceit or manipulation. A group developed purpose for meeting that will draw us together over time and closer to the truth and love of God. It also sets the framework (spoken or unspoken expectations) for the things that are discussed, how members interact, decisions that are made, etc.

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      A common purpose gives direction to the purpose of the small groups.
      It invites people who are like-minded and of the same kindred spirit to grow together.
      It will be difficult to move on in liberty, if we have a ‘member’ who joins in with other intentions, other than deepening our spiritual passion for Jesus.

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