Why is it important to learn about the geography where Christ ministered at different times in His public ministry?

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      It makes his journey “real”. It helps us understand who his audience was.

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      Context. The geography and culture are often linked. There were so many different cultures in a relatively small area. Knowing where Jesus was helps us understand who he is talking to and why.

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      To better understanding in context to what we are reading

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      In many ways the geography and culture of the areas are co-dependent. The Galilee area was and agriculture and fishing area basically a “blue collar” culture and removed from some of the rigid religious structure of Jerusalem. Samaria was not fully Jewish the had adulterated their worship of God and had inter-married with Gentiles. The we considered dogs by the Jews. Jerusalem was a religious center home to the pharisees and sadducees and maintained a rigid religious system – perhaps more about religion that worshiping God. Knowing these types of thing help you as you read and understand scripture

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      It is helpful to to know where Jesus was when various events occurred. This gives us a better understanding of His ministry, where he taught of the Kingdom of God, and where he performed miracles. It also gives us a background of who he was teaching to at certain points in His ministry.

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      It is important to see where Jesus had gone and delivered the good news. It is important to know about the miracles He performed.

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      Geography helps make the Jesus’s story comes alive. It also help us better understand Jesus’s ministries on earth with the cultural background of the people and places Jesus encountered.

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      Having an image like a map makes it more realistic and helps with understanding.

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      Geography is important to know about any story. It lets the reader know where Jesus was when he ministered and that helps us to know the people he was ministering to at different locations.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      It helps bring things to perspective that we wouldn’t already understand. References to places and bodies of water help tie things together. It also ties into the Old Testament stories.

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      It helps to bring everything into connection and bring it to more of a reality for us.

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      Its important in that we can see where He lived and worked while he was here on earth. Just seeing the areas where He lived and worked also puts into focus all the places Jesus was and just how real He is.

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      It is important to learn so that you can see where He ministered and did His miracles.

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      It’s important to learn about the geography where Christ ministered at different times in His public ministry because often these places link back to the Old Testament. We learn about more than a landscape; we learn about a culture and a history that completes the Biblical story.

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      The ministry he did was tailored to the people he was with and that point in his ministry. For instance, he stayed in his home region of Galilee until the Pharisees rejected him. The he went to minister in Gentile regions until he went to Jerusalem to die.

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      It shows the reality of his life and where he ministered and gives us a greater knowledge of His life during his ministry and where He performed miracles and where eventually He was finally judged and crucified

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      By knowing where Jesus was during His ministry time on earth, we can see that He went to not only to the Jews but He also went to the Samaritans and Gentile regions as well.

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      So that we can better relate to where He was at various times of His ministry. We can see Him at the Jordan River, at Galilee, in Jerusalem, in Gentile territories. We can visually see where He performed His miracles.

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      It is important to learn about the geography where Christ ministered through His public ministry because then one could see who His audience was. Jesus continually sought after the poor, broken, hurt, etc. people. This translates to the fact that Jesus cares about all people and not just those of high status. On a geographic scale, it is important to learn about where Christ ministered so then once can see how He was able to create a kingdom that expanded over a vast amount of land.

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      It brings it all to life, that these things really did take “place”.

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      For myself I believe it’s important to learn or familiarize myself with the geography of Jesus ministry because it paints a broad picture and helps begin the journey of connecting the dots to understanding him and his ministry more. Who he was speaking to directly and where our Christian faith really started.

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      It clarifies the culture and allows us to see His journey and how much space was covered in His three years.

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      The geography where Christ ministered at different times in His public ministry is important because it helps you understand the gospels, the challenges Jesus faced, the culture, His emotions, the encounters with oppositions and such much more. It sets your mindset to understand the gospels perspective. As I read Jesus’s travels, it increases my insight of Jesus’s mission and obedience to save the world. I love taking my imagination back to the times when you had to get water from wells or riding a boat across the Sea of Galilee.

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      It helps us to understand His journey. It also makes it more real to people that read the Gospels but are not followers of Jesus yet.

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      I think it makes it more real to us today when we can imagine where Jesus ministered. Realizing that these were real places helps us relate and even get closer to Him. It also shows us that Jesus ministered to all; He didn’t simply favor certain areas or people or group. He ministered to all people from all over the region.

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      It is important to learn about the geography where Jesus believed and ministered in so that the modern beliver can have a mental view of where Jesus’s ministry was. It is also important because one can relate these places in the modern world.

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      It is important to learn about the geography where Christ ministered at different times in His public ministry. It is important because the Bible teaches believers to carry out the great commission which is to go and teach all nations about the written word and baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Therefore, if God wants us to go to the nations and teach about the written word, it would be a good practice for Jesus to lead the way by ministering and performing miracles in several places.
      While Jesus was on the earth, His ministry began in Galilee where He stayed for several months. He also performed miracles in selective places and became friends with those He encountered. His first miracle of turning water into wine took place in Cana of Galilee at a wedding. Another miracle took place when He stopped at a well in Samaria and ministered to a woman who had no husband. As He conversed with her, He saved her from past hurts and emotional wounds.
      Jesus continued to perform many more miracles in places such as Decapolis and Phoenicia.
      He also preached a sermon on the mount to several people and His 12 apostles. In knowing where Christ ministered, we can rest assure that His presence, power, and anointing are resting in those specific places. While His presence, power, and anointing are still resting in those places, miracles are still happening because the spirit of the Lord continues to rest in those geographical places.

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      It helps define the locations in your mind and the names of the gospels. To also see where he migrated and the various people he ministered to.

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      It gives me a visual of where he was when events happened.

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      It gives the reader a visual of His journey and helps us follow His path. We see His passage.

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      It helps us the understand where and how events took place.

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