Why is it important to surface a need for your audience right away? Can you think of an example of a speech or sermon you’ve heard that spoke to your needs? How did the speaker accomplish this?

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      I have had speakers grab my attention by speaking to my reason for being there.

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      It is important to capture and keep the audience’s attention. If the subject matter does not interest them, they will shut down on the message you want to deliver. My Senior Pastor can weave stories and current events with scripture so well that I find myself on the edge of my seat most Sundays.

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      If you don’t touch a need that your audience have you will lose their attention very quickly. A few years ago my pastor gave a sermon that spoke to a particular need that I had at that time although he didn’t know I was in need of anything, and he had my attention throughout his sermon. He did it by telling a short story about him having a need in the past that unknown to him was very similar to the need I had at that time.

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      The sermon that was presented this morning by our pastor presented a question to us all. The message was titled ” Look to Jesus to help you and keep your eyes on Jesus. So the subtopic was , who do you look to when you find yourself in need. This title cause everyone to search their hearts for the answer.

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      To engage my attention.

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      Terry ann

      To grab the audience’s attention.
      Many have spoke to my needs, because I could relate to it.

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      The speaker grabbed my interest due the the tone they spoke in and the topic they spoke about. When the speaker is enthusiastic about what they’re talking about it makes it interesting to listen to, especially if it’s something we want to hear/need.

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      Alex ow yong

      The sermon was about spiritual healing. That was what I needed most when I was ill.

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      Because we are most interested in what we feel that we need. The best example is in the video with the girls and the grils. Everyone at one time or another feels left out and abandoned. The four stories built on this need to be recognized.

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      Because we want people to take action after they hear what we said. Yes, they speaker speak form his hear and some how I feel the speaker understand what I feeling.

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      To grab their attention. Yes, I have. He started with an interested story and then made a suitable bridge to the sermon,

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      Erick Goodman

      When people are at a service or an event their immediate question to themselves is “Is this going to be boring or will this be something I’m glad I heard. ”

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      It’s important because we want to get and hopefully keep their attention. Addressing a current need is likely to accomplish that. I’m sure I’ve heard many, but none comes to mind right now.

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      It is important because you have about 15 to 20 seconds to grab the attention of the listener. A former Pastor was able to do this well. He would start the sermon off with an attention-grabbing story that captivated the listener, leaving the listener wanting to know how this message from God could improve their life.

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      It is important to surface a need right away because people are interested in what they need. And when the interest is aroused, then they will listen to you.

      Recently I have attending one webinar. The catchy introduction got me hooked. It was tailored to my need for a better pension.

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      The audience will give attention to topics they are interested in, and they are most interested in what they need. So, when you surfaced a need for your audience right away, you got a better chance of getting and holding their attention.
      I recalled a speech that was delivered by an ISO Consultant that spoke to our needs. However, before he commenced, he required each of us to ask questions about ISO. Then, based on these questions, he gave us a lucid explanation of all the topics we need and related to our industry—no waffle and straight to the point.

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      Our Daily Bread
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