Why is it impossible to do this in your own strength? How has Christ helped you in following Him?

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      MY own strength is through the flesh and that is sin and I must rely on Christ and the Holy Spirit to give me strength to confront evil. I need to live the obedient life that God has chosen for me and to be the “salt and sugar” to others and I can not do it alone and only through the power of the Lord am I able to spread the Word to others.

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      I cannot reply on my own strength to follow Christ because of my sinful nature, which contradicts with the Godly nature of Christ. I can only rely on the Spirit to help me walk with Christ.

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      We can’t do this on our own strength. We all have sin that has to be removed only by the blood of Jesus.

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      I cannot do all things with my strength, but only “through Christ who strengthens me.” I am human and a sinner. I need Jesus’s strength to make it through this life; he constantly brings me back to Him when I am struggling.

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      I could not walk through this Christian life without the guidance of the Holy Spirit

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      Being Christ-like goes against our human nature and against societal norms. It’s impossible to do without relying on Jesus. He has helped me personally by offering grace and forgiveness over and over as I continually learn the same lessons over and over.

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      We have no strength apart from God. For in Him, we live and move and have our being.

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      Due to original sin, all humans are fallen, and do not have the ability to free themselves from sin. We must call on the Lord for help should we truly want to be released from the slavery of sin.

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      We are sinful men, we need the HS to empower us to obey.

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      Because our own strength is based our flesh and its sinful desires – It is only possible to live the Christian life through the power of the Holy spirit which transforms our sinful nature to talk in the Spirit.

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      It is impossible because all faith, election, and desire is from God. Christ has helped me by, dying for me so that I could even come to the Father. He has given me the Holy Spirit to help me in my weakness. He has given me faith to believe, and support to continue. I am nothing without Christ.

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      He has given me a church family to help teach me, fellowship with me and correct me when needed. With His help and theirs I have grown a lot in the last few years.

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      I, as a human, am fallible and prone to err but Jesus cannot err so with His guidance I can confront false teaching with courage, love and with the correct Scripture to use at that time.

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      Apart from the Holy Spirit, my sinful nature would constantly be in rebellion against God and His will for my life.

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      It is impossible to do things in your own strength because all fall short to the glory of God. Sin entered our world and because of that we are limited in our strength. Christ has helped me in following Him because time and time again I fail when I do things on my own. I moment I surrendered to God my “problems/burdens/issues/anxieties”, he takes hold of them and puts them into perspective. It is not that God makes difficult situations disappear, but He removes the sting and takes on their burdens.

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      We are simple humans who have a limited view on the world. Without God helping us and guiding us in this life, we would never amount to anything.

      God has shown me that through prayer i have peace during my difficult times. Also He is my shelter when life gets in the way.

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      We all suffer from the fall of man in the garden. We cannot reach God on our own accord, we need Jesus to bridge the gap.

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      Because in my own strength I will make mistakes and push away those I’m trying to reach. Even the one teaching the fakes doctrine. By giving me hope, strength, knowledge, and the desire to know Him more. By pa vine the way for me.

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      He provides even when I am unsure

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      only through letting God to guide our lives can we overcome our fallen natures and follow the path God wants for us

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      Christ has helped me in following Him because I cannot do this in my own strength. If we are children of the most high God, we will always need help from our heavenly Father. Children will always need help from their mother, father, sister, or brother. Therefore, in the natural we have to ask for help from those who are much older or those with years of experience.
      God knows everything, we do not. Therefore, I will always need His help.
      Christ has helped me in following Him by giving me the New and Old Testaments as my instructional guide to life. When I read His instructional manual and follow His perfect plan, I know He is helping me to follow Him.

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      It is his life in me which strengthen me.

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      It is only through him I am strong.

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      Christ gives us strength to fight evil in every facet of life. Christ gives me signs and answers prayers… He proved he was God’s Son and saved us of our sins… I follow Him, I walk the path of righteousness, because it is filled with love, grace, hope, and faith.

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      Our Daily Bread
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