Why is it so important to listen when providing spiritual direction?

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      MARIE G.

      When we listen, we need to talk less, it is important so that our minds are not focused on how to “fix a problem”. Must sit quietly.
      Listen, and not give advice.
      Listen to my interior world.
      Listen and guide the person home toward God. God is into healing the heart, mind and soul. It is the Holy Spirit the persons heart and soul responds.

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      Without listening, we will be talking too much to fill the gap with our gab. We will give ‘band-aid’ to cover a deep wound.
      Listen to the person’s journey realities – to understand
      Listen to my interior world – to understand mine
      Listen to the voice of God – to facilitate and guide the person home to where God is.
      Ultimately, it’s God who heals, and it’s to Him, the person responses.

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      It is important to listen so we can discern where the Spirt is leading. We can only find the rhythm of release by listening and waiting on the Spirit to move.

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      It is important to listen, because you are following the flow of the Holy Spirit and actively listening for a time when the conversation lends itself to introducing a holy tension, asking a clarifying question, or making an observation impressed on you by the Holy Spirit.

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      Our Daily Bread
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