Why is it vital to understand the concept of foolishness in order to properly and profoundly appreciate the gospel?

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      If we do not see ourselves as Fallen being in need of the grace of God, we have no need of the gospel to redeem us.
      We will then live our lives apart from God, attributing our desires and needs to an entitlement that brings us satisfaction.
      Basically, we don’t need God. We don’t need his work of redemption. We are ‘gods.’

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      Foolishness is the reason that we need the gospel. We are born with foolishness in our hearts that will lead us away from God, and it is only as we recognize that we live with a demand for anything other than God to satisfy us that we can truly accept Jesus as the one that will satisfy us and give us what we are looking for.

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      Because we are all essentially foolish and this cannot be changed by education, we need the gospel to release us into the power of the spirit to allow us to accept that God is all we need

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      How can we focus on what we were truly designed for if we walk away from the whole reason for our existence? Accepting and realizing we are born in the position of denying the truth about who and what God is to us and how we approach our walk is absolutely essential. If we do not accept that reality, we are evil in the sense we don’t want God in His proper place and relationship with us. Once we see this, understand it we can take steps to allow God, the trinity to move and change this in us, if we don’t we are doomed to keep moving away and repair and rebuild nothing. More Foolishness that lead to life without God.

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      Born foolish properly sets the stage that our hearts are “naturally” in a direction away from God. This being the case we have no option but to learn how to get our needs met in our own power. The Gospel rescues us from this destructive independence by bringing us to the One who made us, knows us, and has purpose for us. More than that, we were created to only find fulfillment in KNOWING HIM. So apart from Him there can be no true satisfaction.

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