Why is silence acceptable – even necessary – in SoulCare?

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      Silence – is a needed space to ‘listen, to ponder, to recall and reflect, to wait and listen… to both man and God, and even our internal voice.

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      MARIE G.

      The gift of silence, can be a way for the other person, to gather his or thoughts, it is also important for the Soul Care provider to be able be silent and fully listen to what the other person is saying before jumping in and trying to quickly solve the problem. Silence also helps us think about what is being shared, and to quietly process what is being shared and revealed. When our hearts and mind are quiet we can hear the small voice of the Holy Spirit guiding our words, thoughts and our conversations. Silence is a gift we can quietly reflect, and it calms down our noisy thoughts and flesh dynamics.

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      Silence is acceptable and even necessary in SoulCare because love requires thought. Thinking and talking don’t always go together. Being quiet and soaking up what was said, processing what you hear against what you feel or believe, putting yourself second and making sure that the Spirit of God is leading, not your ideas or flesh dynamics takes time.

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      Our Daily Bread
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