Why must we really know each other in order to touch each other?

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      You can’t know a person spiritually if you haven’t invested in them and gotten to learn about their life first. As a result, you won’t know how to exercise the spiritual touch they need until you know and understand the situation and the person better. For example, you might address one person with rebuke and yet another with prayer. The point is that you need to have a level of understanding and trust so you can seek and hear the wisdom and direction of the Spirit. The end result is to move the person to a passion or appetite for God.

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      Relationship and trust will need time to build up. A lot of understanding comes from spending time together with observation and not only what’s been coummunicated. Love and care that accumulated overtime will build the foundation for sharing freely and encourage openess between each other.

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      Until we get to know someone, listen to them and explore what is really going on inside of them, anything we say will be premature. Also, until we spend time together and demonstrate that we are a safe person and Spirit motivated person, the other will probably never reveal all that is going on inside them. The Spirit cannot touch what is kept in secret.

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      It takes time to build trust. As we build relationship and get to know one another, we become more aware of their pain, perspective, and needs, and then the Holy Spirit can give us insight. Not that He cannot give us a word of knowledge or prophesy, but if those come out of nowhere, they can be encouraging but they will not be within the context of a relationship that is meant to reflect God and the Trinity, which is so powerful.

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      The more we understand one another, the better equipped we are to touch each other’s lives to restore the soul.

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      Why because first of all God humans to be together, we can not survive alone, on this journey in this sinful world. We are creatures that want companionship, to be known, explored and touched. When we get to know people superficially it is not a deep relationship, we only know the surface stuff, the deeper stuff in a person soul, God shows us how to do Soul Care, through His wisdom, and gentleness. It is good to receive healthy soul care from others and necessary, because we will at times feel tired, weak and discouraged. We can not do this soul care journey alone.

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      We have to really know each other in order to be close enough to reach each other. A superficial relationship doesn’t allow for deep roots to grow to connect people. Deep connections allow you to say things that outside of a strong relationship would not be acceptable.

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