Why should spiritual directors be involved in spiritual friendships?

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      I think at times we may be taking on both roles and interchange depending on the situation. Spiritual directors still need to have spiritual friendship wth people to walk the journey, nobody is being created as a loner, everyone needs spiritual support as they draw closer to Christ.

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      Spiritual directors need to be around people who don’t see them as spiritual directors, who know them and enjoy them for who they are, in others words spending time enjoy life, relaxing and being themselves. Being involved in spiritual friendships, helps us realize that we are not alone on this spiritual journey, and we can take the time to be just ourselves.

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      Being involved in spiritual friendships makes a spiritual director more effective. Spiritual directors need to be around people who don’t see them as a spiritual director and who know and enjoy them for who they are. If they don’t have this, they risk becoming spiritual elitists.

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      Without healthy spiritual friendships, a ‘spiritual director’ will merely guiding others from the textbooks.
      They too, are human beings – and spiritual friendships help to gear them towards Christ-likeness.
      You cannot give what you do not have.

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      Spiritual directors need to be involved in spiritual friendships to be able to enjoy healthy friendships and not take themselves to seriously. They need balance.

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