Why was the book of Lamentations given that title? In what way does this express a realistic view of life?

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      “Lamentations” refers to the prophet Jeremiah, who was “lamenting”, or mourning, the destruction of Jerusalem and capture of the Jews at the hands of the Babylonians. This expresses a realistic view of life in that we will have moments where we will feel sorrowful when something terrible happens to us, which can be washed away if we pray and ask God for salvation.

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      Correction: Jeremiah

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      Lament means to cry out in grief. Nehemiah was so grieved by the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, all he could do was weep. The book was given the title of Lamentations to express Nehemiah’s mournful heart. This expresses a realistic view of life because we are all mournful of something. If we had a chance for a do over, most of us would make better choices. As we look at our world today and see how society has forsaken God, we know He is saying, “People, return to Me”.

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      Jeremiah was laminating over the distraction of the temple and the disobedience of the Israelites

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      Jeremiah was broken-hearted because of the way Israel rejected God and were being punished for doing so. The book teaches us that if we reject God, destruction or God’s judgment will come.

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      It speaks to the suffering of God’s people in Israel under their captors. The prophet Jeremiah is literally lamenting what had become of Israel because of their disobedience.

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        *typo: …God’s people, Israel under their captors

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      Because Jeremiah was lamenting or crying over the destruction of the temple and that Israel had been taken into captivity. This was truly a time to cry because of the fate that overcame Israel because of her breaking of her covenant with God.

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      LamentatIons is a good title because it reflects Jeremiah the “weeping Prophet” lamenting over the terrible destruction of Judah and Jerusalem because they had rejected the God who loved them.
      We might look back on our life and certain sinful decisions or paths that led to destruction and lament over them but it is important to move forward knowing God’s love and compassion can turn tragedy into good.

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      Jeremiah was in lament over his people, their disobedience and the consequences. It’s a story of sorrow and sadness. Just like the world we live in today.

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      The book of Lamentations was given that title because it records Jeremiah’s lament over his people’s disobedience and the consequences of that disobedience. We read the sorrow of a brokenhearted prophet because of the reality of Jerusalem’s destruction. This expresses a realistic view of life because it reminds us of the broken world that we live in and can lead us to feel this sorrow. We “lament” to God and are reminded that He is sovereign and is has a plan for us.

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      It is a book of sorrow by Jeremiah when the Jews were captured by the Babylonians and exiled from their land. The people did not listen to the warnings to return to God. Anytime we are separated from God, He is sorrowful and wants us to restore our relationship with Him.

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      The word “lament” is defined as “great sorrow”. When one reads through the book of Lamentations, they will come to see that it is a compilation of poems describing the destruction of Jerusalem. It seems appropriate to the name the book Lamentations because it probably created a great sorry within Jerusalem as they watched their city fall to pieces. This expresses a realistic view of life because when something terrible happens, we become filled with sorrow.

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      Because it was referring to Jeremiah’s lament. The destruction of Jerusalem.

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      Lamentations is about our feelings of sadness over the destruction of Israel and how broken hearted Jeremiah was for this to have happened. The loss and pain and grieving of such things really is a hard to watch as we don’t understand all that happens, and there is no difference. We cry out and want it to go away.

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      Lamentations is about a broken hearted prophet. Jeremiah was lament over the destruction of Israel. When something we love is destroyed we are sad over it. We grieve.

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      Lamentations records the the lament of a brokenhearted prophet.

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      Jeremiah’s “lament” over the Israelites is recorded in the book of Lamentations. The Israelites were being disobedient and the story of those consequences is the story of Lamentations. Each day we are disobedient and each day we feel the consequences of that sin. Thank You Lord for being so understanding with such a flawed people!

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      Taylor Burkit

      To lament means deep sorrow and grief which is what Jeremiah felt after the disobedience of Israel. In our lives we will experience deep sorrow and grief and I think it is important to know that lamenting is a way God has given us to express ourselves to him as we wait for heaven.

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      Jeremiah lamenting over Israel’s destruction and disobedience. This is a warning to us today that disobedience to God’s commands (or because of our sinful lifestyle) – God chastizes us for our sins.

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      Because Jeremiah was broken- hearted about the destruction of Israel. It expressed a realistic view of life because we also become distressed when something we cherish is destroyed.

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      Lamentation’s was given it’s name because, of how sad and brokenhearted Jeremiah was over the destruction of Jerusalem, due to the peoples disobedience of God and the consequences that arise due to this disobedience. In life we has to face the consequences of our actions, whether it be our disobedience of God or our societies laws, or our own bad decisions, there is always a consequence to face. We can choose to lament over this or we can turn to God and ask for his forgiveness, and move on.

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      After Jerusalem fell, the Prophet cried, and lamented at its destruction. Oftentimes we can feel like crying out in distress over things that crumble in our lives. The newspaper too is full of news worth lamenting over. But God is on His throne, and like the Apostle Paul, we can remember that we may be down, but we are not out. With our eyes fixed on God, we will overcome, and all things will be made right.

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      The book of Lamentations was given that title because it was a reflection of the sadness of the ruin of the nation of Israel. This expresses a realistic view of life in that when there is death and destruction then there is real sadness.

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      The book was given its name because it was Jeramiah’s lament over the disobedience and consequences of his nation.
      The principals of this book demonstrate how we need to be aware of the consequences of disobedience in our lives today, although there is no condemnation, there still lies consequences.

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      Jeremiah was lamenting over Israel’s sins and disobedience to God and the law—hence the name of the book. Life is difficult when following having to follow an abundance of rules and laws.

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      A Lament is a sad agony filled cry of mourning. Lamentations is believed to be written Jeremiah because of the people’s unrepentant idolatry and the destruction of Jerusalem. Jeremiah had a deep passion for God’s people and Jerusalem; thus the Book of morning (Lamentation) named because of the destruction of Jerusalem and the exile of God’s people who refused to repent.
      The Book of Lamentations expresses a realistic view of life in that often (in general) we don’t take God seriously. We often worship our idols (sports etc.) until we lose something and then we cry out to God.

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      Jeremiah penned this book and was lamenting over Israel’s destruction and sins that led to their captivity. God is saddened by our continual sins. He wants a relationship with us, but we have to chose to have a relationship with Him also. Even though we are not held captive by a different nation, we do fall captive to our sins and are a slave to those sins.

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      It was given this name because God lamented over what He had to do to punish Israel for their sin against Him. Just like a mother who laments over having to punish her child who disobeyed her. She may not want to do it, but she knows she has to because not doing it doesn’t help her child but instead hurts her child in the long run.

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      Lament: to express sorrow, mourning or regret often demonstrably; mourn; wail.

      Dr. Buzzell’s commentary on the book of Lamentations states that Jeremiah’s “lament” over his people’s disobedience and its consequences are recorded in the book of Lamentations. A city that was never supposed to fall, Jerusalem, was destroyed by the Babylonians. Just days before the fall of Jerusalem the words of Jeremiah were fulfilled about a coming famine of food and water, pestilence and not enough housing. The city was beyond capacity. There was not enough food for those in captivity while those who were outside guarding the gates had an abundance of fresh food and water. Health, malnutrition sanitation, not enough housing, cleanliness is a recipe for the rapid spread of disease. Anxiety was at an all-time high and bodies were piling up. If ever there was a time to lament demonstrably it was now. And the nation of Israel lamented for seventy years.

      Fast forward to 2020-2021. Our nation is going through our own version of captivity. With the pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands. Our time spent sheltering in place without the ability to leave our homes except to go to work (if you were deemed an essential worker), food and paper shortages at the grocery store, loss of jobs and income, families moving in together due to loss of income and businesses being forced to close are updated versions of the captivity of the nation of Israel. If you pair these things with the current political and racial climate…we have reason to lament.

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      Lamentations was given this title because Jeremiah was lamenting over his people’s disobedience and the consequences that followed.
      This is a realistic view of life because humans are sinful by nature and are disobedient to God. Even though we lament about this, we fortunately have a Savior, and through God’s grace, forgiveness.

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      Jeremiah lament over Israel’s disobedience and destruction

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      After Jerusalem destroyed, Jeremiah laments over his people’s disobedience and consequence

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      Lamentations represents Jeremiah’s lament that the people of Israel were disobedient to God and that Jerusalem was destroyed.

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      It was given that title because it was the lament of Jeremiah the prophet over the sins of his people. This expresses realistic view of life because we are constantly sinning and in need of deliverance. We as men and women will fail God and are in need of his mercy and his grace and unfailing love.

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      Ma. Remedios

      Lamentation is about the deep suffering and spiritual sadness of Israelites. This book reflects the realistic view of life because we still experience suffering because of sin, however, we have a living hope in Jesus Christ and God’s characteristics and attributes that He is the God who sees us and He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is faithful forevermore.

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