Why would it have been unusual to have a member of the Sanhedrin donate his family grave to use as a burial site for Jesus? What else was unusual about the site?

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      Extremely unusual. The Sanhedrin were kind of the “high court” of the Pharisees and Jewish Law, so for one of their members to ask to bury the man his own counsel had set to death is extremely unusual.

      Roman tradition was to toss a crucified body into a pit with other bodies. In this case, Jesus was placed in a tomb that was very secure, including a large stone rolled in front of it to keep it sealed.

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      The Sanhedrin condemned Jesus, so it would have been highly unusual for one of them to donate his family grave. It was a new tomb as well, so this would have been really unusual.

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      It would have unusual because they hated Jesus and would use their own property on him. They would have let him be buried by the government as was custom. It belonged to a member of the Sanhedrin.

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